Welcome to the Capitol Hill Community Council
On December 15, 2016 we will host our third annual Capitol Hill Community Council Winter Celebration. The event will include a review of our last year, visions for the future, a chance for participants to share their community priorities, includes local elected and leaders, a raffle, live music, food and drinks. Plus, lots of our neighbors!

Our mission is to advocate, educate, and activate our community. It is an opportunity to support our work, moving forward – some of our past successful programming includes advocating for marijuana legislation, HALA recommendations and community input, large-scale gentrification conversation, homelessness outreach, expansion of LEAD and MDT, and very soon we’ll have a city-wide Renters’ Commission. Supporting us helps us continue this work and expand our possibilities.

We would be grateful if you could support our Winter Celebration. If you are interested in sponsoring our event, please call or email me for more information. We recognize and are grateful for any contribution – thanks for your time.

Seattle Sock Drive

New socks feel fantastic especially if you are struggling on the streets. We are teaming up with Skilett and We Count during our Winter Open House for a sock drive! Grab some mens socks and bring them to the party, if a few woman’s socks get donated, that’s ok, but mens socks are generally thicker and can be used by women and men in need!

The WeCount nonprofit quietly distributed the new boxes around Seattle in the wee hours of Friday morning. They have been added alongside groups of existing newspaper boxes.The sock boxes are a way for WeCount to make an immediate difference while also spreading the group’s message. You can also expect to see more of the repurposed newspaper boxes. The group is working on its plan to distribute feminine hygiene products in the same manner across Seattle.WeCount is also looking for individuals, groups, and businesses to adopt boxes or add new ones around Capitol Hill.

“We wanted to put this into the community’s hands and create a community discussion around it,”

To get involved check out, wecount.org or email info@wecount.org.
+PLUS! Updates from the Capitol Hill Champion!

We hold our General Meetings on the THIRD Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Our council has focused on advocating for race & social justice, cultural and physical preservation, transportation, greenways, the pedestrian experience, affordability and accessibility, living wages, intersectionality, safety, shared community, and opportunity for all.

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Capitol Hill is vibrant, diverse community of bustling activity and peaceful abodes. Part hip and urban, part wooded and stately, it is a community that often feels like a small town in itself, one that a huge variety of businesses – and people from all walks of life – call home.

Highlights include the Broadway Farmers Market, a seasonal fiesta of food, flowers and music; Cal Anderson Park, which is full of dog walkers, Frisbee players and children dipping their toes in the streaming fountain; and the Pike/Pine Corridor’s vintage clothing stores, furniture shops and coffeehouses.

There’s also plenty of green. At the north end of Broadway sits Volunteer Park, a large, forested urban oasis, replete with a glass conservatory built in 1912, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and a water tower with splendid 360 degree views of downtown Seattle and neighborhoods near and far. From here, all the favorite Seattle landmarks are visible, from the Space Needle to Lake Washington’s floating bridge to Husky Stadium.





A vibrant, diverse community of bustling activity and peaceful abodes Seattle, WA