Safe Communities Conversation Meeting Minutes, 11/8

Lisa Kothari, Member at Large, attended the Safe Communities Conversation Meeting that took place for the EastPAC District on November 8th at the Miller Community Center. The following are her notes. 

The meeting was a large gathering of concerned community members and police sitting down in small groups to discuss several important topics, including:

  1. Develop and prioritize our concerns for public safety
  2. Share our thoughts about police and community relations
  3. Offer ideas on enhancing community engagement
  4. Select a delegate to carry concerns to an action meeting

I sat in on one table discussion and below are the answers to the questions that were posed to this small group.

What is your top concern about crime and public safety?

  • Sex offenders living in the neighborhood
  • Open drug dealing
  • Guns and youth
  • 12th Avenue: stop signs and crosswalks
  • Dogs off lead in parks
  • I-5 Encampments
  • NW Corner of Cal Anderson Park

Out of these topics, our group was most concerned about:

  • Guns, drug dealing, encampments

What is going well with the relationship between your community and SPD?

  • Twitter feed program
  • Cops on Bikes
  • Hot Spot Program

What do you think is a way for the community and SPD to work together to make the community safer?

Opportunity to meet your local officers. The Living Room Conversation program was brought up, where your local officers come into your home and host an informal discussion about your neighborhood and community concerns for about 15 of your neighbors. (I thought this would be an excellent  opportunity to have one at an upcoming CHCC meeting in 2012.)

Other Ideas:

  • Bring back crime prevention officers
  • Handling noise concerns
  • School resource officers
  • More visibility of police on Pike/Pine and in Belltown
  • Better response time

What steps can we take to keep you engaged in building and creating a safer community?

City appreciation for active community members who are working with SPD on a regular basis

People were then asked to volunteer to be a delegate for the next step in this process. The delegate will take the table’s concerns forward to a Precinct Summit where they will buold an action plan based on information we gather tonight and in other places in our precinct.

I volunteered to be a delegate and this next step will take place in March 2013.

The next EastPAC meeting is on Thursday, December 6th. We are having a meeting/holiday potluck at the Garfield Community Center beginning at 6:30. Please feel free to join us.

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