Meeting minutes of January 17, 2013

Here are the minutes from the last general meeting,  January 17, 2013 (Reposted from the Home page on the News page 1/30/2013)

Capitol Hill Community Council

General meeting minutes

January 17, 2013

Meeting started at 6:38 p.m.

Old Business

Capitol Hill Champion update

City and Sound Transit are working out details towards a development agreement (what gets built on top of the Broadway light rail station area) this goes to City Council mid March.

The community can then raise such questions as these;

How will the plaza be developed? what kind of retail will go in?

There is grant money available for outreach to under-represented communities to be brought more fully into this process.

More info:

Report from EASTPAC meeting (East Precinct Advisory Committee)

(Safety issues)

There was a recent assault near Kubota Park

Is crime on the rise on the Hill? Possibly.

Officers will be invited to present at a forthcoming CHCC meeting

The Police also offer “Evening Chats”, where a minimum of 10 people in a neighborhood invites officers to a home or church (etc.) to answer questions.

Streetcar Update

The City of Seattle appointed an exploratory committee to look into extending the streetcar further north, perhaps to Roy or Prospect.

There is funding for study, but not for construction at this time.

More info:

Sound Transit/ Broadway Station Update

Construction is at a point where there is a change in contractors, from tunnel digging to initial station work and systems.

(Tunnels are being finished up)

Systems contractors coming on site, as are station contractors.

Expect to see a lot of concrete trucks.

Microhousing update

Neighbors met with City Council staff today (January 17)

Discussion was around about the micro-housing moratorium resolution, and the loopholes which allow this type of construction without normal design review triggers.

(In other cities, microhousing is subject to periodic review, but not Seattle.)

The City doesn’t have accurate info right now; they were surprised to hear that there are close to 2000 new units on the hill from microhousing alone in a fairly short period of time.

FYI’s were provided:

Apodment rents range from 600 to 1200 a month.

Only 20% have to be “affordable”

Tax exemption may be removed

San Francisco pilot program may be worth looking at, also New York and Chicago. These cities are, unlike Seattle, exploring micro-housing intentionally and within their current zoning parameters.

Treasurer report

35 dollars donated, hurray!

East District Meeting

There were 7 applicants for Bridging the Gap Funds, which look at

pedestrian and HC access issues and street improvements. One was accepted.


Feb. 4 is the next deadline for streets and parks improvements monies for each district.


New Business

CHCC needs to form a “bylaw committee” to meet the ‘every-three-year’ review obligation.

John Akamatsu, Dennis Saxman, and Erie Jones are forming this.

Any changes will be subject to general membership review and approval.

Possible fundraiser and/or educational/informational project

Produce a Capitol Hill “Natural History” map, maybe with linked audio files,

depicting historical, architectural, cultural, and landscape information.

“We save what we love, we love what we know”.


Chris Leman

Pres. East Community Council

1) Effort to link Eastlake and Cap Hill more, as it was before I-5 separated the two neighborhoods.

2) Columnade Park, may be looking to expand


Lake View Blvd. historically was main north south route prior to I 5

Requesting missing sidewalk between public stairways Howell and Blaine

Not currently funded

Looking for support from Capitol Hill Community Council to find other funding

We value links between Cap Hill and Eastlake

New Gay Community Center

LGBT community center on Cap Hill

(We are one of the few major cities that doesn’t have one, and Seattle ranks 2nd only to San Francisco in per capita gay citizens)

To go at Broadway light rail station site

Looking to partner with other groups

Encompassing a wide variety of organizations

With various LGBT stakeholders (40)

Looking at site A

2nd and 3rd floors perhaps

Self-sustaining financially 

Redistricting the city for council member elections

This would be a hybrid system with 7 geographical seats and 2 at-large seats

Council member would have to live in the district they represent

Ramping up campaign with petition drive

Need 30,000 signatures but are targeting 50,000 signatures

Wide, diverse coalition supporting this, very grassroots

Web info:


Drone resolution

Seattle Police Dept. is expecting to take delivery of (initially) 2 drones (un-manned aircraft)

Resolution asks that we

Return drones to Homeland Security and not use them

Capitol Hill Community Council voted to table this until the next general meeting in order that Seattle Police could have an opportunity to answer questions, so the voter is fully informed.

The (slightly revised) Resolution will be posted on the CHCC website

Adjourned 8:35



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