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The Capitol Hill Community Council consists of all persons 1) living within the boundaries of Capitol Hill; 2) owning property or owning or operating a business or nonprofit organization within the boundaries of Capitol Hill; 3) working (employed) within the boundaries of Capitol Hill; or 4) volunteering for an agency that serves Capitol Hill (see Article IV Boundaries).

Seven elected officers serve on the Executive Committee. Officer Bios of the Executive Committee members.  The following are areas our council is focused on:

Campaigns: Capitol Hill Champion

Committees (formed and forming): Race & Social Justice; Programs; Preservation: Cultural, Spiritual, Physical; Housing, Affordability, Homelessness; Transportation and Pedestrian Experience; Fundraising; Communications; and, Public Art

Cross-Organizational Involvement: ‘Only in Seattle’ grant; Steering Committee for Capitol Hill Eco-District (CHED); Equity and Engagement Committee (of CHED); Waste and Environment (of CHED); Urban Design Framework (of CHED); Central Seattle Greenways; Capitol Hill Champion; Streetcar Launch Committee

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  1. I attended the Community Council meeting last Thursday, July 18, waited til 6:15 p.m., and noone showed up. I’ve been a voting, tax-paying resident of Capitol Hill for 30 years. I’m not happy with the rapid degeneration of my neighborhood nor of the carte blanche approval of the status quo.

  2. Hello Ms. Foster~
    Your note to the CHCC has arrived to us and I wanted to respond to it as quickly as I could.
    Thank you for coming to the meeting on Thursday last. Currently, our meetings are at 6:30 and we have tried to publicize this as best we can. It was brought to our attention at the last meeting that an incorrect time was listed on the door of the Shelter House, and we are currently in the process of rectifying that. I am sorry for the confusion this may have caused.

    Please be assured that we value all citizens of our community, and we encourage people to come and attend as often as they can to listen, learn, and voice their concerns. We on the council have the same kinds of concerns as you do regarding the many changes in our neighborhood and we are all working in various ways to affect positive results on Capitol Hill.

    The best way to find information on our upcoming meetings is via our website and our calendar at
    We post the upcoming agendas there as well as the minutes from previous meetings (the last meeting minutes have not been posted just yet). There are also listings in the Capitol Hill Times.
    Our next meeting should be August 15th at 6:30 but it is advised to check our website in case something changes between now and then.

    Again, thank you for your participation in our neighborhood affairs and please join us again. If you are looking for specific resources regarding current issues in our neighborhood, you may find them on our website or I am happy to direct you to particular groups or documents that may be of interest to you.

    Kind regards
    Jeffrey Cook
    Member at Large, CHCC

  3. Caught graffiti artist damaging commercial buildings and harming local business on camera. Police will prosecute. Detective Christopher Young identified him as Baso Fibonacci. He was easy to identify in his motorized wheelchair.

    Graffiti on windows, walls, freeway cement walls on off ramps define Capitol Hill.

    Officer Casey Sundin (206.284.4373) is taking response for CSR #13-001-2704. Community Comments and Response is appreciated.

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