Officer Bios

2016-2017 Capitol Hill Community Council Officer Statements


Zachary PullinZachary Pullin: As a community organizer, Zachary has a strong background in communications, policy, and community development; and, serves with a commitment to social justice, equity, and opportunity. An enrolled member of the Chippewa Cree tribe of the Rocky Boy, Mt., Zachary’s story, service, cultural competency, and value for community influence his governance philosophy. Currently, he is Communications Project Lead for SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership. Prior to the 2012 Soulforce Equality Ride, he served in Belize with the Peace Corps as an organizational development volunteer for 24 village councils. Zachary serves broadly throughout the community, including as: commissioner on the Seattle Housing Authority board, Vice Chair of the 43rd District Democrats, a 2015 Institute for a Democratic Future fellow, council representative to the Capitol Hill Champion, serving on the Gender Justice League board as well as the Victory Campaign board; a member of King County Metro Long Range Advisory Group, First Hill Streetcar Launch committee, GSBA’s Public Policy Task Force, the Northwest Two Spirit Society, the Native American Advisory Council with the SPD, Equity and Engagement Committee (Capitol Hill EcoDistrict), a Pomegranate Center for Community Development fellow, and sometimes facilitator at Gay City Health Project. He also contributes communications services to the WA Family Unity Act workgroup and the 43rd District Organizing project. In his spare time, Zachary enjoys freelance writing for local and national publications, such as: The Advocate, Native Peoples Magazine, Indian Country Today, Seattle Gay News, Capitol Hill Time, and the Capitol Hill Blog; as well as, listening to music inspired by Nina Simone, and a really strong cup of coffee.

Vice President


Natalie CurtisNatalie relocated to Washington state from Texas and living on Capitol Hill has changed her life forever! She was amazed at how accessible a higher quality of life was and loved witnessing positive changes all around her.  She believes that everyone should enjoy where they live and give back to the community as much as possible. Natalie has a B.A in Rehabilitation Studies and a minor in Substance Abuse, this expertise allows her to help those in the community who need care the most.  Currently working as an community impact advisor for a non-profit helping unrepresented minorities in tech, as well as pursuing her masters in Non-Profit Leadership at Seattle University. Natalie is hoping to use that leverage to help the council in other aspects as well.  She is also a representative for Capitol Hill in the HALA Community Focus Groups. Through the Capitol Hill Community Council, Natalie adds a unique, well-needed perspective about the changes shaping her community and what it takes to preserve its spirit.


Mike Archambault: Mike, liviMng on Capitol Hill for that last 7 years, currently rents a 1 bedroom apartment with his partner in a beautiful, 1909, brick building on Summit. He has worked as an engineer in Seattle for almost 10 years and is a recent Master of Public Administration graduate from UW’s Evans School. He volunteers with Central Seattle Greenways, CHCC, and other neighborhood groups to help make our neighborhood a safer place to walk, bike, and take transit. Mike is proud of his involvement in past Community Council efforts – the Complete Streetcar Campaign and the 12th Ave Safety Improvement Project.

At-Large Officers

Marley Blonsky's Profile Photo

Marley Blonsky: Marley has lived in Seattle since 2008 and on Capitol Hill for more than 5 years. She is active in the community organizing, first becoming active in LGBT community organizing and outreach, and more recently in the bicycling community.  Marley is very active and vocal about active transportation and safe streets for all users, including people who bike, walk, and use transit.  Marley’s interest in the Capitol Hill Community Council comes from deep love for Capitol Hill and the potential to be so many different things, all at the same time. From her perspective as a renter on the hill, a patron of the businesses, a person who celebrated the 2008 and 2012 elections in the streets, and who hes watched first hand as our neighborhood has changed to  the Community Council, Marley has deep connections to the neighborhood and city.

Katie Kurfurst: Katie earned her B.A in environmental policy and its implications on disenfranchised communities. Currently, she does marketing for Ventures, a non-profit that assists low-income individuals to start their own businesses as a means to alleviate poverty. She is also a representative for Capitol Hill in the HALA Community Focus Groups.Having worked in the music, civic, and tech sectors, she has a range of experiences that reflect the various stakeholders in the neighborhood. In the coming year, she would like o focus on crafting events and communications that empowers community members by increasing awareness around tenant rights and housing affordability. She has lived on the Capitol Hill for three years but is third generation resident.

Tristen Gardner: Tristen works as a Health Educator for the Center for Multicultural Health and works on providing safe spaces for queer people of color. He is committed to educating others on the health disparities facing the LGBTQ people of color in order to create sector-wide change and awareness. He is also on the board and plays for Quake Rugby. He has live on Capitol Hill since 2004 and have watched as we have slowly changed from a haven for the unwanted, weird and non-conforming to just another location for young, wealthy, white people who drink. What we can do however as s community is to help and support the small businesses and non-profits on Capitol Hill who are struggling to stay competitive and be apart of shaping the change.


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