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2016-2017 Capitol Hill Community Council Candidates


Zachary Pullin [running for President]
Why I want to run: to continue the work of improving the neighborhood, helping neighbors and engaged citizens create shared community, to produce events, programming, and conversations that inspire, motivate, and encourage action and participation, and to help shape the narrative for our neighborhood in this time of rapid change and growth. Plus, I’m really looking forward to implementing and continuing to work internally to create a more sustainable organization (funding, programs, committees, etc).
Brief resume: Zachary is a Chippewa Cree tribal member, graduate of Western Washington University, and currently works at SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership. He has an extensive background in community organizing, communications, leadership, training, and connecting movements. A community activist committed to pursuing racial, economic, gender, and social justice through service, Zachary served in Peace Corps and the 2012 Equality Ride. Recently appointed by Mayor Murray to the Seattle Housing Authority, he also serves on the board of the Gender Justice League board, Victory Campaign Board, and 43rd District Democrats. Additionally, he serves as Acting President of the Capitol Hill Community Council and is a member of the NW Two Spirit Society, SPD’s Native American Advisory Council, WA Family Unity Act Workgroup, GSBA’s Public Policy Task Force, Capitol Hill Eco-District’s Equity and Engagement Subcommittee, and Capitol Hill Champion. He was honored to represent the LGBTQ and Native community as 2014 Seattle Pride Parade Grand Marshal. In his spare time, Zachary enjoys freelance writing for local and national publications and catching up on local politics while sipping Porchlight coffee and listening to Nina Simone.
About me: Born in Montana, moved to Spokane (grew up in North Spokane), attended college in Bellingham, and finally returned to the Northwest after traveling with Peace Corps and other opportunities and have called Seattle home for almost 4 years.
Connection to Captiol Hill: Live near First AME, volunteer with a few organizations, and thoroughly enjoy Oddfellows gluten-free biscuits and the Broadway Farmer’s Market!
What I hope to see/work on for 2016-2017: I hope to continue working on fundraising, seeking out grants, increasing participation, identifying partnerships and collaboration opportunities, and producing meaningful events that connects people!

Natalie Curtis [running for VP]
Why I want to run: Current Secretary – to help bring the community closer together while still embracing change. Bring more diversity, cultural awareness, and inclusion to the Hill/Seattle wide.
Brief resume: Currently pursing Masters in Non-Profit Leadership at Seattle U. Community Impact Advisor for HERE Seattle. B.A in Rehabilitation Studies. Microsoft 2012-2014 Swedish/Providence Hospital- 2014-present
About me: Moved from Texas to Seattle 5 years, wanted to give back and be involved in the community I lived and worked in.
Connection to Capitol Hill: Lives on Broadway, works at Swedish/Providence, and enjoy EVERYTHING on the Hill!
What I hope to see/work on for 2016-2017: Hope to see more diverse and affordable housing for all.Be apart of and advocate for positive changes in the community that still preserve the historic

OPEN [running for Treasurer]
Info coming soon.

OPEN  [running for Secretary]

Info coming soon.

OPEN [running for At-Large member]

Info coming soon.

OPEN [running for At-Large member]
Info coming soon.

OPEN [running for At-Large member]

Info coming soon.

March 19, 2015 Meeting Agenda


Capitol Hill Community Council

March 19, 2015

6:30     Welcome: people can add suggestions (updates, announcements, etc) to the “Parking Lot” – and Old Business (Letter for Andrew Haas)

6:35    Jesse Perrin, CHCC Programs Committee – NEW CHCC Service Opportunity

6:45     SDOT – Streetcar Extension Update

7:00     Council member Mike Archambault, Seattle Greenways Update

7:10    Elliot Helmbrecht, April 28 Special Election

7:20    Alex Brennan, “Only in Seattle” update

7:35     Sound Transit Developer discussion

7:50     Capitol Hill Champion updates, Streetcar Launch updates, and New Business (Bring ideas!)

February 19, 2015 Meeting Agenda


Capitol Hill Community Council

February 19, 2015
(the meeting may end early for folks to attend the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce “State of the Hill” event)

6:30     Welcome: people can add suggestions (updates, announcements, etc) to the “Parking Lot”

6:35     Alex Brennan, Capitol Hill Housing, CHCC Partnership Presentation

6:45     At-Large Candidate [ACTION ITEM: Vote]

6:50     Andrew Haas, Historic Preservation Updates [ACTION ITEM: possible resolution/vote]

6:55    Seattle City Council member Sawant, LGBTQ Hate Crimes Forum Introduction [ACTION ITEM: vote on sponsorship and involvement]

7:05    Tim & Brie (or council liaison Zachary Pullin), Capitol Hill Champion (Capitol Hill Light Rail Station TOD) update

7:10     Community Council member Mike Archambault, 520 Update

7:15     Outstanding Council Updates: Streetcar, RSJI, Vision Zero, etc

7:25     Continuing Subcommittee Conversation and Brainstorm [ACTION ITEM: plan for next steps]

7:45     Announcements [ACTION ITEM: Discuss any “Parking Lot” suggestions]

January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council

January 15, 2015 Meeting Notes

  • Winter Open House Recap
    • Top neighborhood issues among attendees were:
      • Historic Preservation
      • Housing / Affordability
      • Transportation / Pedestrian Improvement
      • Race and Social Justice
  • Pike Pine Urban Neighborhood Council (PPUNC) presentation by John Feit
    • PPUNC has been successful guiding developers to positive outcomes.
    • Encouraged people to get involved and show up to design review board meetings.
    • Attendees were interested in a workshop with PPUNC to learn how to be an effective advocate for neighborhood development solutions.
  • Champion Update: Zachary Pullin
    • Developer selection coming soon.
    • Once chosen – there will be a community open house that we will advertise.
  • Streetcar Launch Committee Update
    • The streetcar launch has been pushed back to later in the year – likely late summer.
    • When it officially launches there will be a party in each of the neighborhoods that the streetcar runs through, starting in Pioneer Square and ending in Capitol Hill.
  • Homelessness Task Force: Capitol Hill Update
    • Funding has been provided for 15 additional beds on Capitol Hill.
    • The Mayor is supporting a plan for three permanent tent cities in Seattle, locations TBD.
    • Tent cities prompted many questions among attendees – we will attempt to get more information and clarification for the next meeting.
  • Arboretum Guest: Raymond
    • The 520 bridge project will bring many changes to the arboretum.
    • Construction in the arboretum will take place in two phases, one beginning in late-May or early-June.
    • Check out the arboretum website for more construction details and plans.
    • The winter plants are currently in bloom. It’s a good time to take a walk through the arboretum.
  • Introduction of At-Large Candidate: Natalie Curtis
    • Natalie introduced herself to the group and declared her candidacy.
    • Come to our February meeting to vote for Natalie in the open At-Large position.

January General Meeting – Jan. 15, 2014


Capitol Hill Community Council

January 15th, 2015

6:30     Welcome /Intro/Introduce “Parking Lot”

6:40     Recap the Winter Open House – Gather additional feedback and hear more about the feedback already gathered

7:05     Council Meeting Frequency: Open comment period and possible vote

7:15     Champion Update – Tim & Brie

 7:20    PPUNC Guest

7:30     Streetcar Launch Committee Update & Homelessness Task Force: Capitol Hill Update

7:35     Arboretum Guest/Seattle Central Greenways Update

7:45     Introduction of At-Large Candidate

7:50     Remaining Business/Grants & 2015 Outlook/Adjourn

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CHS Blog Column by Vice President Zachary Pullin

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