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Jan 17, 2013 Agenda

Old Business/updates (each of the following presentations will be a maximum of 5 min)

  • Champion Update
  • Security/East Pac
  • Street Car
  • Microhousing
  • Treasury Report
  • East Distric Council Mtg – announcement
New Business – 5 min
  • By-Law Committee – (they will be asking members of the community to join a committee to update the current By-Laws.  Some members of the council would like to change the current policy about voting on resolutions)
  • Fundraising (History Walk, Arts Festival)


  • Neighborhood Street Fund - 15 min
  • Gay Community Center Center - 15 min
  • Redistricting – Bill Bradford - 10 min


  • Drone Petition – (Janice Van Cleve will be presenting a resolution to ban drones from being used by the Seattle Police Dept.  A motion to vote in support of the resolution may be called.) 5 min
  • Seattle Police Department – (Will be presenting a case in support of drones)  5 minFollowed by 20 minute discussion



Nov 15, 2012 General Meeting Agenda

November 15, 6:00 p.m., Cal Anderson Shelter House



  • Capitol Hill Champion  (Broadway station area)
  • EastPac
  • Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce Food Drive
  • Streetcar; reconstitute transportation committee?
  • Denny substation/above ground transmission lines
  • Micro housing


  • 1st Design Forum – Introduction and overview
  • First presentation by Maria Barrientos on 120 Harvard Avenue and 127 E Broadway

Treasury Report

  • Advertising on CHCC Website?
  •  Fundraising ideas

Discussion and Action  

  • Redistricting
  • South Lake Union
  • RDS Height


There is a new calendar feature on the CHCC website, if you’d like to join up and be able to post, please contact us

While the CHCC general meetings can generally take up a couple of spontaneous announcements, if you have a more lengthy presentation or request for action, please let us know 10 days ahead of time. Thanks!

Presenters to have Point of Contact officer

To ensure equal opportunity for discussion and to maintain order and a timely manner, the Capitol Hill Community Council Executive Committee (Elected Officers) devised the following system for those presenting at the Council general meetings.

  1. Each speaker will have point of contact (POC) officer.
  2. The POC will inform each speaker what to bring and make sure that the speaker is prepared (e.g., projector, screen, resolution hardcopy, flyers, maps, etc).
  3. The POC will post the resolutions on the site prior to the meeting if they are being sought.
  4. The POC will make sure the speaker brings hardcopy of the resolutions to the meeting.
  5. The speaker will verify the equipment works prior to the meeting.
  6. The speaker will also call for questions after the presentation.
  7. The POC will briefly introduce each speaker, and alert the Council as to what the speaker will present and will define the issues at hand.
  8. The POC will assign numerical order to those council members with questions/comments.
  9. The POC will call on each audience member, and add to count if necessary.
  10. After 10 minutes, the POC (or time keeper) will say that we have time for one more question. If there is a motion for more discussion/questions, more time will be allotted.
  11. After the matter is decided, or the presenter has concluded, the POC will introduce the next presenter.

The system is a work in progress, and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

October 25, Agenda


Process explanation

Old Business

  1. Cap Hill Champion update
  2. East District Council update
  3. 12th Avenue Safety update
  4. Logo contest
  5. Vote on resolution asking for consistency in notification and design review
  6. resolution oct. 25
  7. Treasury report

New Business

  1. 520 bridge improvement information, implications, and resolution
  2. Car2Go information
  3. Planning Commission information
  4. Committee  work: options
  • Design Forum
  • Fundraising
  • Public Art
  • Walkable  Cap Hill
  1. Possible resolution on LR3 zoning heights