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Safe Communities Conversation Meeting Minutes, 11/8

Lisa Kothari, Member at Large, attended the Safe Communities Conversation Meeting that took place for the EastPAC District on November 8th at the Miller Community Center. The following are her notes. 

The meeting was a large gathering of concerned community members and police sitting down in small groups to discuss several important topics, including:

  1. Develop and prioritize our concerns for public safety
  2. Share our thoughts about police and community relations
  3. Offer ideas on enhancing community engagement
  4. Select a delegate to carry concerns to an action meeting

I sat in on one table discussion and below are the answers to the questions that were posed to this small group.

What is your top concern about crime and public safety?

  • Sex offenders living in the neighborhood
  • Open drug dealing
  • Guns and youth
  • 12th Avenue: stop signs and crosswalks
  • Dogs off lead in parks
  • I-5 Encampments
  • NW Corner of Cal Anderson Park

Out of these topics, our group was most concerned about:

  • Guns, drug dealing, encampments

What is going well with the relationship between your community and SPD?

  • Twitter feed program
  • Cops on Bikes
  • Hot Spot Program

What do you think is a way for the community and SPD to work together to make the community safer?

Opportunity to meet your local officers. The Living Room Conversation program was brought up, where your local officers come into your home and host an informal discussion about your neighborhood and community concerns for about 15 of your neighbors. (I thought this would be an excellent  opportunity to have one at an upcoming CHCC meeting in 2012.)

Other Ideas:

  • Bring back crime prevention officers
  • Handling noise concerns
  • School resource officers
  • More visibility of police on Pike/Pine and in Belltown
  • Better response time

What steps can we take to keep you engaged in building and creating a safer community?

City appreciation for active community members who are working with SPD on a regular basis

People were then asked to volunteer to be a delegate for the next step in this process. The delegate will take the table’s concerns forward to a Precinct Summit where they will buold an action plan based on information we gather tonight and in other places in our precinct.

I volunteered to be a delegate and this next step will take place in March 2013.

The next EastPAC meeting is on Thursday, December 6th. We are having a meeting/holiday potluck at the Garfield Community Center beginning at 6:30. Please feel free to join us.

Nov 15, 2012 General Meeting Agenda

November 15, 6:00 p.m., Cal Anderson Shelter House



  • Capitol Hill Champion  (Broadway station area)
  • EastPac
  • Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce Food Drive
  • Streetcar; reconstitute transportation committee?
  • Denny substation/above ground transmission lines
  • Micro housing


  • 1st Design Forum – Introduction and overview
  • First presentation by Maria Barrientos on 120 Harvard Avenue and 127 E Broadway

Treasury Report

  • Advertising on CHCC Website?
  •  Fundraising ideas

Discussion and Action  

  • Redistricting
  • South Lake Union
  • RDS Height


There is a new calendar feature on the CHCC website, if you’d like to join up and be able to post, please contact us

While the CHCC general meetings can generally take up a couple of spontaneous announcements, if you have a more lengthy presentation or request for action, please let us know 10 days ahead of time. Thanks!

Safe Communities — Get Involved

This Thursday, 11/8, the city invites you to a mmeting to address safety on Capitol Hill. Read on for more information.


Dear Community Member:
We are inviting you to participate in a community conversation to learn about your safety concerns and thoughts about public safety.  This conversation is being hosted by your neighborhood police precinct.
Modeled on the Youth and Families Initiative, Safe Communities will follow a similar path, bringing residents, police officers and City departments together in living rooms, cafes, barber shops and community centers across Seattle to tell the City and SPD about specific things their communities need to improve safety, and determine which priorities should come first. Those priorities will then guide the actions the City, SPD, and the neighborhoods will take together to protect public safety.  This process seeks to address chronic neighborhood issues, concerns that will require coordinated involvement of diverse voices in the city (SPD, Parks, SDOT, Neighborhood groups, schools, etc.) working together to understand, address, and resolve situations that impact public safety.
Your precinct will be holding a series of community conversations to learn about the concerns of you and your neighbors.  Here’s how you can become involved.
You can attend either a large group conversation or a small group conversation. Either one is an opportunity for neighborhood residents to meet with each other and members of your local police precinct and focus together on concerns in your neighborhoods. 
Our large group conversation will be taking place on November 8, 2012 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Miller Community Center.  The Miller Community Center is located at 330 19th Avenue East, Seattle, WA, 98112.  The phone number is (206) 684-4753.
You can sign up by going to or contacting A/Lt. Randy Yamanaka at
We look forward to talking with you!
Captain Ron Wilson
East Precinct Commander
Seattle Police Department
1519 12th Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98122-3907

Presenters to have Point of Contact officer

To ensure equal opportunity for discussion and to maintain order and a timely manner, the Capitol Hill Community Council Executive Committee (Elected Officers) devised the following system for those presenting at the Council general meetings.

  1. Each speaker will have point of contact (POC) officer.
  2. The POC will inform each speaker what to bring and make sure that the speaker is prepared (e.g., projector, screen, resolution hardcopy, flyers, maps, etc).
  3. The POC will post the resolutions on the site prior to the meeting if they are being sought.
  4. The POC will make sure the speaker brings hardcopy of the resolutions to the meeting.
  5. The speaker will verify the equipment works prior to the meeting.
  6. The speaker will also call for questions after the presentation.
  7. The POC will briefly introduce each speaker, and alert the Council as to what the speaker will present and will define the issues at hand.
  8. The POC will assign numerical order to those council members with questions/comments.
  9. The POC will call on each audience member, and add to count if necessary.
  10. After 10 minutes, the POC (or time keeper) will say that we have time for one more question. If there is a motion for more discussion/questions, more time will be allotted.
  11. After the matter is decided, or the presenter has concluded, the POC will introduce the next presenter.

The system is a work in progress, and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

September 2012 General Meeting Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council

Minutes from September 20th General Meeting

Meeting started 6:00 pm

Updates/Old Business

1) Update on Champion project (development on and around Broadway Station) – There is a presentation and meeting on September 24th at Lowell School; presented by Sound Transit and Seattle City staff, starting at 6:00 pm, to go over current plans and options.  This then goes to the City Council in November, most likely.

Go to, light rail project, for more info.

 2)  Melrose Promenade update (community open space along Melrose Avenue overlooking I5 and Seattle skyline)

There have been four community cleanups to date. An application has been submitted for funding from the Parks Dept. (opportunity fund for development), a possible $20,000 from the city. There will be three public meetings this fall and winter re: amenities and other planning.

The project is looking for engagement and meeting attendance.

Next cleanup is scheduled for the 2nd Sunday in October.


3) Capitol Hill Housing reported on the project at 12th and Pine. There will be affordable housing, a performing arts center, and below level parking for the East Precinct Police Station. Currently three theatre groups are lined up to use the arts center.

Eco district news; This is long term project, mostly in multi-family zoned Capitol Hill, to see how energy efficiency can be improved, how run-off/pollution issues can be handled better, and other sustainability issues. Some questions: will single-family areas be added?  How will the overall project be governed/overseen?

For more info:

4) Treasurer report

We are working on withdrawing funds from Bank of America and putting funds in a credit union, (BECU).

Currently have access to funds via debit card

Current balance approx.$1,800.

Reminder, CHCC is not a non-profit.  Fund raising ideas will be addressed in coming meetings.

New Business

 1) Safety Issues

There is more police presence in Cal Anderson Park. Feel free to talk with them. It is important to let the East Precinct know, either by non-emergency calls, or 911 calls, what is going on.

There will be an East Precinct Advisory Committee meeting next Thursday Sept. 27 at 6:30 at Seattle University to get community input and answer questions.

2) Logo contest – We are looking for a great, new logo for the CHCC.

3) ”Micro-housing” issues.

Presentation by Reasonable Density Seattle (

Animated discussion. One major common concern is that there are ambiguous elements in Seattle’s zoning regulations which allow high density “micro-housing” to be permitted and built without being subject to the same neighborhood notification, design review, and SEPA review that other projects are subject to.

A working resolution was passed to ask the appropriate city entities to re-examine and possibly fix this. A committee will work on it, target the message, focus it, and re-present to CHCC for a thumbs up or down before it goes further. Stay tuned.

3) Streetcar art project

Doing artwork that is integrated with the streetcar

From pioneer square to Broadway

Theme is single wire as a thread through the neighborhoods/ fabric of the city, quilted “fabric” beneath crosswalks.

Sewing, needles, beads, art poles, same poles that support the overhead electrical trolleys.

Reflects architecture and character of each neighborhood it passes through.

4) Presentation on “QR Code” (similar to bar coding)

This could help create a database with community concerns and input.

Businesses, parks, geographic centers etc. could generate a QR code.

People could add input via a smart phone.

For more info. –





Meeting adjourned at 8:15

EEJ 9/22/12

Capitol Hill Community Council 2010 Election

The 2009-2010 Capitol Hill Community Council term is almost over and our annual election is nearly upon us. We have the start of a great slate of candidates:

President- Norma Straw
Vice President- Mike Kent
Secretary-Josephine Wong
Treasurer–none at present
At-Large (3 positions)- Zef Wager, Jennifer Power

But as you can see, all races are uncontested and there are even some spots left to fill. If you think you have the experience, the passion, and most of all, the free time to serve as an officer on the Capitol Hill Community Council, there is still time to send in a candidate’s statement and throw your hat in the ring.

If you’re interested in running, please send all inquiries and/or statements of candidacy (name, position you’re running for, reason for running, applicable experience) to We will be accepting nominations until Thursday, June 10th – after that point you may run as a write-in candidate but you will not be featured on the ballot.

Per our bylaws, anyone who lives, works, volunteers, and/or owns a business or property on Capitol Hill may vote in the Council elections or run for an officer position.  You are all our neighbors and our constituency, and we hope to see you at our 2010 elections!

Candidate Meet & Greet
Wednesday, June 9th
7 – 9pm
Cafe Metropolitain
1701 E Olive Way
Come and meet the candidates for this year’s Capitol Hill Community Council Officer Election!

Annual Officer Elections
Thursday, June 17th
Cal Anderson Shelterhouse in Cal Anderson Park
Come and vote for next year’s officers! Or, better yet, run for a position on the Capitol Hill Community Council.