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Three projects considered for neighborhood funds

From Capitol Hill Seattle blog:

Last week, a Department of Neighborhoods community group considered nine new street and parks project for central Seattle and Capitol Hill. Below, you’ll find the three projects that made it through and are being studied for feasibility by the city to be part of some $1.2 million in funding through the Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund. We’ve also included descriptions of all the proposals just in case you want to rally around one of the passed-over ideas next year or you find something to inspire a similar project in your own neighborhood.


Project 2014-064 would create street, sidewalk and crossing improvements to E Madison for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle safety at the site where a man was seriously injured in a collision with a cyclist last year.

Project 2014-021 would add curb bulbs and marked cross walks at the busy and frequently-crossed intersection of 23rd Ave and Boyer.

Project 2014-012 would repair a half-block stretch of “heaving” sidewalk on the north side of E Madison between Boren and McDonald’s.

No projects from Capitol Hill were chosen, mainly because only one Capitol Hill project (2014-052) was submitted.

To see all the proposals and read comments from District Coordinator, Tim Durkan, go here.

Arts walk on 2nd Thursday nights around Cap Hill

Jeffrey Cook has put together an arts walking tour.

Join Jeffrey Cook, local theater scenic artist and Member at Large for the Capitol Hill Community Council, as he explores the Capitol Hill art scene at the monthly Blitz art walk on Thursday, October 10th. We will meet in the cafe at Elliott Bay Books (1521 10th Avenue) at 5:45 pm and depart there at 6 pm. Jeffrey will plan a route that stops to view and experience the art at several different locations. At 7 pm we will arrive at Vermillion Gallery (1508 11th Avenue) for a secondary rendez-vous point, then depart there at about 7:20 for a few more destinations, as time allows.

This is a free walking tour and all interested parties are welcomed to join in to meet neighbors and discuss the art and artists along the journey. Rain will not cancel, just come prepared with whatever you’ll need to enjoy the evening. We’ll wrap up by about 8 pm. Look for Jeffery, “The Tie Guy” at the Cafe at Elliot Bay Books by 6 pm!

City of Seattle awards $465,000 in matching funds to support community-initiated projects

Neighborhood Matching Fund awards were announced September 5. Reviewers met in early summer to meet the applicants and to review the projects. Awards were based on the merit of the projects themselves. This year, John Akamatsu was the City Wide Reviewer from the East District.

Mayor Mike McGinn and Seattle City Council today announced $465,000 in awards from the Neighborhood Matching Fund for six community-initiated projects. With awards ranging from $41,250 to $100,000, the matching funds go to neighborhood groups for projects as diverse as building play spaces to creating an agriculture demonstration project for youth.

“The Neighborhood Matching Fund reflects the city’s commitment to providing concrete ways to help community members make Seattle a better place to live,” said Mayor Mike McGinn. “The fund serves as a resource and catalyst for community members to turn their creative ideas and energy into reality.”

Recipients of the Neighborhood Matching Fund match their awards through a combination of cash, donated materials and expertise, and volunteer labor. This round of Large Projects Fund projects is matching the city’s $465,000 contribution with resources valued at $936,000.

“Community volunteers make these projects happen. They raise the money, donate their time, and reach out to neighbors over the span of several years all in an effort to make improvements to their neighborhood and community,” said Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, chair of the Parks and Neighborhoods Committee. “They truly are committed to fostering and building a better Seattle, and we are richer for it.”

The Neighborhood Matching Fund Large Projects Fund applications are reviewed by the Citywide Review Team (CRT) which recommends the projects to the Mayor and City Council. Made up of volunteers from each of the 13 neighborhood districts, plus four at-large community members, the CRT reviews applications, interviews applicants, and makes funding recommendations. The applications are also reviewed by members from District Councils.

Created to promote and support community-based, self-help projects, the Neighborhood Matching Fund is managed by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Fund has awarded approximately $50 million with a community match of more than $71 million. The next opportunity to apply to the Neighborhood Matching Fund is through its Small and Simple Projects Fund. The deadline for applications is October 7. To learn more, visit

2013 Large Projects Fund Awarded Organizations and Projects:

Central Area Urban Gardeners for the Central Area Urban Gardeners Project

Awarded $67,330; Community match $71,138

Equipment purchase and installation to support a new agricultural demonstration project designed to grow healthy, safe, affordable, organic vegetables indoors. It will involve year-round training and education in food production for youth in the community.

Madison Valley Community Council for the Madison Valley Neighborhood Landmark Construction

Awarded $41,250; Community match $100,000

Construction of a neighborhood landmark sign located at East Madison St and 28th Ave East, the heart of the district. Plans include landscaping, a means to advertise seasonal events, and possible redesign of the intersection crosswalks.

View Ridge Elementary PTA for the View Ridge Playground Project

Awarded $100,000; Community match $130,455

Design and installation of a play/sport court and related amenities, such as seating, natural elements, and drainage improvements to increase the availability of useable and safe play and gathering spaces.

Historic Seattle for the Get Lifted: an Elevator for Washington Hall

Awarded $100,000; Community match $504,900

Outreach, fund raising, and construction of an elevator and tower for this historic landmark to make Washington Hall accessible to the community.

Friends of Lower Kinnear Park for the North Trail Pre-design Work

Awarded $57,500; Community match $29,500

As the second phase of the North Trail project, completion of a Slope Stabilization Study that includes a survey, geotechnical evaluation, and a stormwater and drainage report.

Montlake Family Fitness for the Montlake Family Fitness Project

Awarded $99,290; Community match $100,348

Construction of a 65’ x 80’ (approximate) sport court next to the Montlake Community Center playground and placement of four to five pieces of adult fitness equipment.

– See more at:

Seattle Street Food Fest at Cal Anderson 8/10/13


The  Seattle Street Food Fest at Cal Anderson takes place August 10 at Cal Anderson Park alongside Nagle Place on on 11th Ave, adjacent to the future Festival Street and future home and plaza of the Broadway Farmers Market. Besides the food trucks, there will be a One Night Only pop up dinner, featuring not only many great chefs, but tickets to the after party by Jason Franey and Ethan Stowell.

From the Seattle Street Food Festival featured booths page:

2013 FOOD VENDORS | AS OF JUNE 24TH, 2013 (Subject to Change)

We are thrilled to announce our full roster of tasty street food vendors for our 1st ever Seattle Street Food Festival hosted in and around Cal Anderson Park on August 10th. Be it a food truck fan or an avid food forager among the locally abundant farmers markets throughout the city, you will find an amazing selection of locally produced and inspired plates to keep you fed all day long this year. This year’s selection includes a variety of favorite food trucks showcased at our annual Mobile Food Rodeo from Where ya At Matt, Ezell’s Express, Narwhal, Barking Frog and the irresistible gooey goodness that is Monte Cristo.

As far as carts and booths, we offer some of Seattle’s favorite local Capitol Hill haunts like Lil’ Woody’s Po Dog, Deluxe and Poquitos will be servi9ng up their own culinary creations curbside for the masses! Plus some of Seattle’s top farmers market finds like Bean Fish- Japanese Taiyaki, Mi Ranchitos Mexican Corn, Shave Ice, and so much more.

We plan to announce the participating food vendors (3) SSFF Menu items on August 1st and will be printed in our walking guide that is free at the event to find your favorite foods. Remember each food vendor will have one (1) $5 sampler plate to enjoy, allowing you to eat your way through the festival all day long.

This event is free to the general public. Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook and on Twitter fan pages.


  1. Barking Frog Mobile
  2. Bigfood Mobile
  3. Caravan Crepes
  4. Evolution Revolution
  5. Ezell’s Chicken
  6. Charlie’s Buns
  7. The Narwhal
  8. Falafel Salam
  9. Fish Basket
  10. The Grilled Cheese Experience
  11. Hallava Falafel
  12. How A Pickle Got out of Jam
  13. Jemil’s Big Easy
  14. Crisp Creperie
  15. Monte Cristo
  16. My Chef Lynn
  17. Nomad Curbside
  18. Now Make Me A Sandwich
  19. Street Donuts
  20. Street Treats
  21. Where Ya At Matt
  22. Nosh
  23. Sam Choy’s Poke
  24. Plum Bistro
  25. Djung on Wheels
  26. Fez On Wheels





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  • Tuesday Scarves
  • Choke T-Shirts
  • Tarboo
  • Legit Tees
  • Jacklyn Rose Embroidery
  • Spencer Little
  • Suzi Parks


  • J Project Clothing

  • My Violetta

  • Closet Space

  • The Fashion Bar

  • Lachlan Lundquist

  • Indie Frock

Tickets are here


NW Film Forum presents 1950 Japanese Films

From the NW Film Forum:

August 2-9th  eight Japanese films from the 1950’s  will be shown at the NW Film Forum.

Shintoho Studios was one of the largest and most successful film studios operating during the “Golden Age” of Japanese cinema in the 1950s and ’60s. It produced over 500 feature films spanning a wide variety of B-movie genres (from crime, to horror, to sci-fi and everything in between). Although inexpensively made, these films have had a long-lasting cultural impact, both in Japan and further afield.

This landmark Shintoho film series, aims to introduce Seattle audiences to
rare, enjoyable and educational films, as they learn more about the history of genre filmmaking and the diversity and creativity of Japanese culture.

More information about the films and NW Film Forum is also available online at: All films are

NW Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, between Pike & Pine Street.

Stunning Seattle Murals delayed

We received notice from Stunning Seattle that the murals will be delayed and smaller due to the city wanting insurance against IP infringement.

As a sponsor your contribution to Stunning Seattle is very meaningful to us. Unfortunately due to mitigating circumstances out of our control, Stunning Seattle will not be able to be produced this summer to the extent in which originally planned. The purpose of this email is to explain why this is happening and to communicate about our options moving forward.

The City of Seattle is examining a situation that has arisen due to a last minute stipulation that we purchase an insurance policy to protect the city against claims of intellectual property infringement. Due to these circumstances the city is delaying their letter to proceed. Unfortunately, we don’t anticipate that the letter will be issued in time for us to make critical purchases and logistics arrangements for the large murals to be painted in 2013. We have asked from the city that our 2013 budget be deferred until the issue can be resolved. Meanwhile, we are excited to move forward in 2013 with a limited number of smaller murals to be installed on our auxiliary walls around the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

 We would like to give our sponsors the opportunity to provide us feedback on the change of scope with respect to our summer mural project. Although we still intend to produce at least 4 spectacular murals in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the size of those murals will be dramatically smaller. In addition to postponing our original 4 large murals, we are also postponing our gala event and simplifying our production schedule for 2013.

 In regards to your donation of $500 dollars, we would like to apply this generous contribution in the way best intended by Capitol Hill Community Council.

Your donation can either be distributed or utilized this summer in connection with our mural painting event, or it can be reserved and applied in 2014 as we will likely resolve this situation with the city.  Please contact us and indicate your preference so that we can work in a way that best suits both of our interests.

 If you have any questions please contact

 Thank you for your continued support!


 Justin Hart

Stunning Seattle, Director

Outdoor movies at Cal Anderson Park

From our “neighbors” of Cal Anderson park”

I Need A Hero! Outdoor Movies At Cal Anderson Park

Look, up in the sky! It’s a small army of super iconic characters, swinging into action and coming to save your summer with FREE outdoor movies! Three Dollar Bill Outdoor Cinema returns to Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park with “I NEED A HERO” — four nights of action-packed fun!

– See more at:

July 19 – HAIRSPRAY (1988)

Hair hoppin’, booty shakin’ Tracy Turnblad (Rikki Lake) is breaking all the rules for the better and making heroic strides for civil rights in this bouncy & beloved John Waters classic starring Divine and celebrating its 25th anniversary!

Aug 2 – GALAXY QUEST (1999)

In this hilarious sci-fi comedy, aliens in peril beam up the crew of a ‘Star Trek’–type TV show, not realizing their supposed saviors are only actors. With Sigourney Weaver among them, they’ve at least got a fighting chance.

Aug 9 – BATMAN: THE MOVIE (1966)

Holy tights! The original dynamic duo (Adam West, Burt Ward) take on an all-star cast of comic book baddies in this movie version of the hit TV show from the 1960s.


Arnold Schwarzenegger and his bulging muscles are the stars – but Grace Jones steals the show – in this campy swords & sandals fantasy-adventure.

– See more at:


Arts Forum

On Thursday night, May 16th, the Capitol Hill Community Council will be holding a discussion regarding the arts on Capitol Hill.

Dear Arts Neighbor~
We are excited to inform you that on Thursday night, May 16th, we will be hosting a discussion regarding Arts on
Capitol Hill entitled “What We Have, and How to Keep It”. We hope you will plan to attend, listen, and offer your thoughts and insights. This forum will be part of the regularly scheduled Capitol Hill Community Council monthly meeting which is held on the third Thursday of most months from 6:30-8:00 PM, in the Shelter House at Cal Anderson Park across from the Hugo House. More information on the council can be found on our website at

Currently on the panel, we have 3 local artists: Painter Xavier Lopez; Sculptor Steve Jensen; a representative from the new theaters (soon to be located in the 12th Ave Arts Building); plus gallery owner Diana Adams (Vermillion Gallery) and Artists Trust Associate Director and Dancer Lila Hurwitz. The discussion will be moderated by Jeffrey and Michele of the Capitol Hill Community Council executive board, as well as Jen Graves from The Stranger and Randy Engstrom from Seattle’s Dept. of Arts and Culture. The first part of the discussion (about 20 minutes) will offer information on the artists, as well as current opportunities to experience the arts on Capitol Hill. The additional 40 minutes will be used to explore ideas for how we can keep the arts and artists vibrant in a neighborhood landscape that is experiencing rapid growth and many changes in its demographics. City council member Nick Licata has stated that he wants to make Capitol Hill an “arts district”. This would further strengthen the neighborhoods designation as an arts community as labeled by the “Cultural Overlay District Advisory Committee” (CODAC) that Mr. Licata formed in 2008, but what does this all translate into for the artists working in the neighborhood? How does the city adopt the CODAC’s recommendations into actual practice? What are the responsibilities for the citizens of Capitol Hill to ensure the continued vitality and relevancy of art in our neighborhood? Join us on May 16th and let’s see what we can uncover.

If you prefer, you can send your questions and comments in advance of this forum, but questions from the floor will also be addressed that night. After the arts forum, regular business of the Capitol Hill Community Council will be conducted from approximately 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM. This is a great time to come learn about how this organization represents the residents of Capitol Hill. You should plan to arrive by 6:30 PM for the arts forum portion of the meeting. Seats are on a limited first-come basis, but we will accommodate as many as we can.

Jeffrey Cook, Theatrical Scenic Designer, Painter, and “Member at Large” for the Capitol Hill Council

Michele Gomes, Film Maker and “Member at Large” for the Capitol Hill Community Council

For a PDF, click here: Arts Forum