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September General Meeting Agenda

Capitol Hill Community Council

September General Meeting Agenda

Cal Anderson Shelter House
 at Cal Anderson Park

7-9pm on September 16th, 2010

7:00 Introductions & Welcome
-Community Announcements
Committee Reports
– Community Engagement (George)
– Fundraising (Sean)
– Open Space – (Jen)
– Land Use (Mike)
-Transportation (Zef)

7:30  Neighborhood Matching Fund
·       Overview on matching funds (10-15 minutes) – presented by Allynn Ruth
·       Q&A (10-15 minutes)
o   Timeline for completion of grants
o   Requirements/items necessary to submit matching fund request
o   Differences between physical improvement projects and non-physical projects (different requirements?)
o   Small projects vs. large projects ($1,000 vs. $25,000)
o   Examples of prior successful projects?
·       Break into groups to discuss potential neighborhood projects (30 minutes)

8:45 Wrap up and Next Steps
Review Action Items and Key Agreements
Suggestions for Next Meeting Agenda
Approve August Meeting Minutes

9:00 Close

August Council Meeting Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council
July General Meeting Minutes
Cal Anderson Shelter House, Cal Anderson Park
7-9pm on August 19, 2010

James Keblas, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Film and Music discusses the Mayor’s Nightlife Initiative with the Council.  Please give your feedback on the initiative by completing this short survey.

Cathy Hillenbrand (Cap Hill Resident) updates the council on the Transit Oriented Development Champions committee work.

Officer introduction and Welcome 

Open Floor

Michael Wells announced Mobile City events, kicks off on Thursday 8/26 at the parking lot of the Bank of America on Broadway.

The Melrose Street festival will be on Sunday September 12th, 2010.

Rhonda Dixon announced that excavation is now 20% complete. There will be another artist call before the end of the year. Rhonda will also be checking on the status of the cross walk by 10th and John. She will also be getting more posters and she hopes the surrounding businesses will put more up to create awareness.

Committee Reports

Community Engagement (George)
George praised Capitol Hill Housing’s, 12th Avenue Initiative’s Street Fair/Food Festival. It was a good crowd and lots of vendors attended. It was very successful and we need more events like this.

Capitol Hill history project will launch next month.

Norma mentioned City Club’s 2010 Community Matter Campaign, Community Dialogues regarding Public Trust.

Open Space (Jen)
The Clenscape grants received three applications. Two of which are playground projects and one is a tree planting project.

There was a public meeting at the par at Federal and Republican. There were about 30 people who attended the meeting to discuss the process and to find out more about getting a grant for the planning process.

Transportation and Land Use (Cathy Hillenbrand)
Champions update by Cathy. Walking with Larry Phillips on Friday 8/27/10.
Cathy also explained what an urban design framework means. It’s putting a working group together to get the specificity of the design, which also includes how to implement it. This is to ensure that project is vetted and thoroughly discussed. This is where we implement and specify the vision, so as to make sure that a really great project is built.

Fundraising (Sean)
Sean is working on getting more information on the Neighborhood Matching Grant and will be meeting with the person about the grant. The topic of next month’s meeting is Neighborhood Matching Grants and Urban Design Framework.

Discussion Topic
Presentation and Discussion on the Mayor’s Nightlife Initiative with: James Keblas (Mayor’s Office of Film and Music) and Ainsley Close (Mayor’s Office)

Suggestions for Next Meeting Agenda
Topics: Neighborhood Matching Grants & Urban Design Framework

Housekeeping items
Cathy and Josephine will be working on effective public outreach.

June and July minutes were approved.


July Council Meeting Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council
July General Meeting Minutes
Cal Anderson Shelter House, Cal Anderson Park
7-9pm on July 15, 2010


Officer introduction and Welcome


Open Floor

Rachel from $3 Dollar Bill Cinema, announced movies at Cal Anderson Park, starting in July. Free to the public.

George Bakan mentioned that the Alano Club fund raising efforts.

June Meeting Minutes will be approved in August.

Committee Reports

Community Engagement (George)

George would like to take the lead on a project to memorialize the history of Capitol Hill.

The 12th Ave initiative is holding a street fair/ Food Festival on August 15, 2010 from noon to 6pm. George also mentioned creating a calendar of events to capture meeting.

Open Space – (Jen)

Waiting to hear back about the grant.

Update on park on Federal and Republican

Transportation (Mike)

Street Car campaign continues, lobbying Sound transit to get extension. The City of Seattle is starting the transit master plan process and we can be advocates of what transit we want.

Land Use (Zef)

Mike said that the land use committee is a good place to have a forum to discuss the TOD site, get information on what the Champion does, and a place for which the neighborhood plan update next year with the Stewardship council. The Champions is a joint venture between the Community Council and the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce. The steering committee meets often and is planning on efforts of an outreach to the community to find out what the community wants.

Fundraising (Sean)

Sean mentioned that we need to have some long term thoughts about getting the word out, to ask for money and it be directly related to what we are working on and how it benefits the community. There are grants available, we can have fund raising events, and we just need to decide what we want to fund raise for.

Discussion Topic

Discussion with City Council Member Sally Clark on the possibility of a street closure in the Pike/Pine corridor. Council Member Clark mentioned that there are still a lot of discussions that needs to take place to see what the clubs participation level is, and if the clubs are willing to put up extra funds for police, trash and transportation.

Review Action Items and Key Agreement

Mike – Neighborhood plan update
Sean – Research grants

George – Research how we participate in the 12th Avenue Street Food Festival and determine logistics

Mike and Dennis – Work with grad students

Jen – Update on Cleanscapes grant

Suggestions for Next Meeting Agenda

Discussion topic will be on Seattle Nightlife Initiative

Housekeeping items

June Meeting Minutes will be approved in August.


The memo to Sound Transit Board of Directors

Members voted to conditionally approve the letter to submit to Sound Transit BOD, assuming there are no major changes.


UPDATED 2010 Elections: Meet the Candidates

UPDATE: We now have a treasurer and third at-large candidate. While no races are contested as of yet, we do have a a full slate of officer candidates.

The candidate statements of everyone who has declared for the 2010 Capitol Hill Community Council Election thus far are below in order of officer position and submittal.  We’ll update this post as more statements get sent in.

Presidential Candidates

Norma Straw
I’m interested in serving on the council because I care about preserving the diversity and character of our neighborhood. I also think that our neighborhood can and should play a greater role in City and regional politics especially in regards to transit oriented development, sustainable community development and social justice. I’m an advocate for parks, lifelong education, arts, equality and neighborhood based economic development. I’ve lived on Capitol Hill for most of the last 18 years and I LOVE this neighborhood. My partner and I currently own a unit in the Braeburn Condos at 14th and Pine but I have lived in many areas of the Hill. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, grew up in Kitsap County and moved to Seattle when I was 17.

I have a BA from The Evergreen State College where I studied Political Economics, Social Change, and Visual Art. My professional experience includes launching AmeriCorps programs in the mid-90s, working for k-12 school reform, directing the growth of legendary beauty and art business VAIN, producing educational and documentary TV programming for PBS, Discover Kids, and The Learning Channel, and consulting to non-profits, businesses, and government agencies on strategic planning and leadership development. Over 10 years ago I helped create and launch the Get Engaged program for the City of Seattle which places young adults on the CIty’s policy boards and commission. I currently serve on the board of directors for Washington Film Works and have served on several other boards including Metrocenter YMCA, YMCA of the USA, Points of Light Foundation and Puget Sound Community School.

My goal for the next year is to continue to build and grow the role and work of the Neighborhood Council so that we can effectively advocate for our neighborhood during the building and development of the light rail station and adjacent properties. I believe that the Council should also serve as a vehicle for greater community engagement and connection to city policies and services in all areas of government with special emphasis on Parks, Transportation, Arts and Culture, Housing, and Economic Development.

Vice-Presidential Candidates

Mike Kent
When my wife and I were planning our move to Seattle last year, we knew what we wanted in a neighborhood: lively street life, affordable housing options, easily accessible public transit, a politically engaged community, a vibrant arts and music scene, and interesting and independent retail and dining options, to name a handful. It was easy, then, to decide where to live: Capitol Hill. Since moving to Capitol Hill nearly a year ago, I have found the neighborhood to meet all of my expectations. However, with the changes that come with a fluctuating economy and significant new real estate development along Broadway, many of the things that make our neighborhood so desirable are threatened. I want to be a part of the movement that seeks to protect our neighborhood character while also promoting those efforts that allow it to advance as Seattle’s preeminent forward-thinking, sustainable urban neighborhood.

I hope to be elected as Vice President of the Community Council. I bring to the Community Council experience as an urban planner, having worked in the field for more than two years and having earned a master’s degree in urban planning, and experience leading community organizations. In addition to my involvement with the Community Council’s Complete Streetcar Campaign, I volunteer with the Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Council and have recently become active with Streets for All Seattle and Great City. As Vice President of the Capitol Hill Community Council, I would hope to provide leadership for the organization in a few key areas.

First, I would hope to sustain the momentum that the Community Council has developed in recent years through successful projects like Unpaving Paradise and the Complete Streetcar Campaign. A key way to sustain momentum is through member recruitment and building a more fixed organizational structure. A neighborhood as large and active as Capitol Hill should have more people at each general membership meeting than can fit in the Cal Anderson Shelter House, and as Vice President I would strive to make the Community Council’s membership as inclusive and representative of as much of Capitol Hill as possible. To boost attendance, general membership and committee meetings must be well publicized and consistently follow a well-established monthly schedule.

Second, I would hope to build on that momentum through my active involvement with the Policy and Planning Committee. Relating to my first point, committee meetings must occur monthly, to promote discussion on everything from upcoming design review board meetings to the impact of city policies and initiatives on our local neighborhood. The Community Council should assert its influence wherever possible to advance its position as the leading advocate for Capitol Hill. I would work actively with Community Council members to develop new, innovative projects that would actively shape our neighborhood. Some initial ideas include developing a plan that converts Melrose Avenue into a more pedestrian- and bicycle-oriented right-of-way, and working with local arts groups and property- and business-owners to activate vacant storefronts with arts displays or temporary, “pop-up” shops.

Finally, I would make relationship-building a fundamental aspect of my work as Vice President. I admire the work that the existing leadership has done in building strong relationships with the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, government agencies, and elected officials. I consider this a strength of mine as well, and in my short time in Seattle I have developed an extensive network of contacts from within government, architecture and planning firms, and community groups. I look forward to working with other members of the Council to continue developing productive relationships both internally within Capitol Hill and externally.

Being an engaged community member has always been important to me, and I am excited to have become as active as I have so far. I look forward to being a part of the Capitol Hill community for many years to come and to helping guide the neighborhood in a direction that reflects all of our best intentions for it.

Thank you.

Secretarial Candidates

Josephine Wong
I have lived on Capitol Hill since 2003. I am a renter and I also work in Capitol Hill. I am proud to be a part of such a vibrant neighborhood!

The Capitol Hill Community Council is one of the longest standing groups in the City and I am interested in serving on the Council because I want to continue to promote and strengthen the Council’s presence. I want the residents of Capitol Hill to know who the Council is and what the Council does.

In the past year, I have been impressed with how involved the Council has been on so many levels. The one that strikes me most is the joint venture of the Capitol Hill Community Council and The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce’s creation of The Capitol Hill Champion. I am excited by this because this can serve as a model in other areas for partnerships.

I am a graduate of the University of Oregon and the City Leadership Institute. In my current position as Chief Operating Officer, my experience includes operation, strategic and cost management, and I have an in-depth knowledge of affordable housing. I have worked at the City of Seattle for 4 years and I understand the importance of clear communication and messaging with City Council and the Mayor’s office.


  • Continue to grow the Council’s presence in the community by informing and engaging the residents of Capitol Hill
  • Continue to nurture established partnerships to preserve the unique character of Capitol Hill

Treasurer Candidates
Sean Coury
I look forward to the opportunity to serve my neighborhood. My goal as a part of the Council will be to support our community in not only sustaining but also fostering Capitol Hill as a cultural, artistic and vibrant neighborhood. Many organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Pike Pine Urban Neighborhood Council represent the neighborhood, and I look forward to collaborating with these stakeholders. In addition to transparency between these groups, a key focus will be to increase the awareness and involvement of all the residents and business owners on important issues impacting our community.

I am a certified public accountant who works primarily with technology & life sciences and manufacturing companies located in the Puget Sound region. My breadth of finance and accounting expertise will support the growth, organization and financial opportunities of the Council. I also have a significant experience working with a variety of businesses and organizations and will strive to obtain further support for the Council and our community.


  • Review the council’s finances and work on developing a system for future growth.
  • Collaborate with the neighborhood organizations and the City to ensure that the voices of our community are heard and represented.
  • Assist developers and planners, as needed, in the design of new or remodeled residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects to ensure that the design supports business owners and the people who live and work on our neighborhood.
  • Work to improve the safety of our neighborhood.

At-Large Candidates (3 positions open)

Zef Wagner
I have lived and worked on Capitol Hill for almost 3 years and have fallen in love with this amazing community. Capitol Hill is a neighborhood that has it all: great locally-owned retail, excellent coffeeshops, beautiful parks, historic buildings, and most of all an incredibly diverse and creative group of residents. We should all be very proud of the community we have created here.

Capitol Hill is also a neighborhood looking at a major period of transition. The combination of greater density, the streetcar, and light rail coming in the next several years will have a huge impact on Broadway and the neighborhood as a whole. We have an opportunity to shape these changes to make Capitol Hill an even more walkable, livable, vibrant neighborhood in the future. This is our chance to show Seattle how to create a truly transit-oriented community that is good for the city and good for the neighborhood. My goal is to help make the most of this opportunity and make Capitol Hill a better place for everyone.


  • Capitol Hill Community Council Interim Treasurer: April 2010-present
  • Capitol Hill Complete Streetcar Campaign leadership
  • Capitol Hill Champions TOD steering committee member
  • CHCC Planning and Policy committee member
  • Transportation Choices Coalition intern
  • BA in History & Politics, Drake University 2004

Continue to advocate for extending the streetcar further north and making Broadway a better street for pedestrians and cyclists Continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce, City of Seattle, and Sound Transit to guide the development on the light rail station sites in a positive directionWork to make sure the neighborhood’s needs are represented in the upcoming Transit Master Plan Advocate for a Neighborhood Plan Update in 2011 and ensure a strong community outreach process for its developmentFoster lasting relationships between the Community Council, major institutions and neighborhood organizations, and the City of Seattle.

Jennifer Power
It has been an honor to be the president of the Capitol Hill Community Council. With your help, I have been able to learn a great deal and be a part of some truly great work in our neighborhood. The John and Summit Park/P-Patch project has come to fruition, the Complete Streetcar Campaign brought the Council to a new level of influence and visibility with local government, and we ran some immensely successful events like the Chill and Grill and the Mayoral Candidate Forum. I want to thank everyone for their help with the work of the Council this year and the kindness and patience they have shown to me as an apprentice community organizer.

This year, I am running for the position of At-Large Officer. While I would love to continue to lead the Community Council, I fear that there isn’t enough time in the day for both the Presidency and for grad school. However, as At-Large Rep, I will be able to be here to make the transition to the new officers as easy as possible and to ensure the continuity of the institutional memory of the Council. I am also dedicated to ensuring the continuity of the Council’s long-term projects, such as TOD Champion.

I hope that you will give me the privilege of serving our neighborhood once again as an officer of the Capitol Hill Community Council. And again, thank you.


  • Organizer, POWHat Neighborhood Association – 3 years
  • At-Large Representative, Capitol Hill Neighborhood Plan Stewardship Council – 3 years
  • Open Space Committee Chair, Capitol Hill Community Council – 2 years
  • President, Capitol Hill Community Council – 1 year
  • CHCC representative, TOD Champion


  • Ensure that the Community Council’s transition after the June elections is a smooth and fruitful one by communicating my experience as an officer of the Council to the new officers and facilitating the flow of vital information to the best of my ability.
  • Work with the Chamber of Commerce and other neighborhood organizations via TOD Champion to ensure that the development above the the Capitol Hill Light Rail station will serve the neighborhood’s needs.
  • Collaborate with city government, the UW Design Studio, Capitol Hill Neighborhood Plan Stewardship Council, and other neighborhood organizations in the Neighborhood Plan Update, ensuring that there is adequate neighborhood outreach and that the Update addresses residents’ needs and concerns.
  • Continue to find and develop opportunities to improve neighborhood livability, like pedestrian streetscape improvements and new neighborhood green spaces.

George Bakan

UPDATED 6/5 – Unpaving Paradise at the Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale

Unpaving Paradise, the Capitol Hill Community Council’s Open Space Committee, will be taking part in the Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale once again this year.  If you’d like to donate sale items, volunteer, or just learn more about the CHCGS, check out the Unpaving Paradise blog.

UPDATE:  See Capitol Hill Community Garage Sale photos, couresy of Dennis Saxman, here!

Capitol Hill Community Council 2010 Election

The 2009-2010 Capitol Hill Community Council term is almost over and our annual election is nearly upon us. We have the start of a great slate of candidates:

President- Norma Straw
Vice President- Mike Kent
Secretary-Josephine Wong
Treasurer–none at present
At-Large (3 positions)- Zef Wager, Jennifer Power

But as you can see, all races are uncontested and there are even some spots left to fill. If you think you have the experience, the passion, and most of all, the free time to serve as an officer on the Capitol Hill Community Council, there is still time to send in a candidate’s statement and throw your hat in the ring.

If you’re interested in running, please send all inquiries and/or statements of candidacy (name, position you’re running for, reason for running, applicable experience) to We will be accepting nominations until Thursday, June 10th – after that point you may run as a write-in candidate but you will not be featured on the ballot.

Per our bylaws, anyone who lives, works, volunteers, and/or owns a business or property on Capitol Hill may vote in the Council elections or run for an officer position.  You are all our neighbors and our constituency, and we hope to see you at our 2010 elections!

Candidate Meet & Greet
Wednesday, June 9th
7 – 9pm
Cafe Metropolitain
1701 E Olive Way
Come and meet the candidates for this year’s Capitol Hill Community Council Officer Election!

Annual Officer Elections
Thursday, June 17th
Cal Anderson Shelterhouse in Cal Anderson Park
Come and vote for next year’s officers! Or, better yet, run for a position on the Capitol Hill Community Council.