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Capitol Hill Community Council



Advocating For Our Unsheltered Neighbors w/ Representative Frank Chopp &  Councilmember Kshama Sawant

April 19th, 12th Ave Arts

Another one of our top focus during our Open House was Homelessness. We view the homeless community as our neighbors and want to engage everyone in the conversation on how to advocate for this community as well.

Over 500,000 young people experience homelessness every year throughout our nation. Despite that staggering figure, there are only 4,000 youth shelter beds across the country. This forces the majority of homeless youth to struggle for survival on the streets.

Representative Frank Chopp has allocated $1.5 million in funding from the city of Seattle that will be spread out over the next three years to support a homeless youth opportunity center and housing project in Capitol Hill. This will be a great opportunity for us to hear what is being done on a legislative level and how we can assist on a community level.

We are also teaming up with Be: Seattle who have been collecting things like socks, underwear, hats, gloves, menstrual products, etc. (socks, gloves, and hats have been specially asked for this month). In hopes to distribute these to our unsheltered neighbors at a later.

In addition, we are hoping to have others from the community to provide various perspectives of the homeless conversation and how we can focus on helping and empowering Seattle’s vulnerable communities.

Our meeting will be on the 19th @ 6:00 – 7:30 and would love you to attend!


+PLUS! Updates from the Capitol Hill Champion!



2016-2017 Capitol Hill Community Council Candidates


Zachary Pullin [running for President]
Why I want to run: to continue the work of improving the neighborhood, helping neighbors and engaged citizens create shared community, to produce events, programming, and conversations that inspire, motivate, and encourage action and participation, and to help shape the narrative for our neighborhood in this time of rapid change and growth. Plus, I’m really looking forward to implementing and continuing to work internally to create a more sustainable organization (funding, programs, committees, etc).
Brief resume: Zachary is a Chippewa Cree tribal member, graduate of Western Washington University, and currently works at SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership. He has an extensive background in community organizing, communications, leadership, training, and connecting movements. A community activist committed to pursuing racial, economic, gender, and social justice through service, Zachary served in Peace Corps and the 2012 Equality Ride. Recently appointed by Mayor Murray to the Seattle Housing Authority, he also serves on the board of the Gender Justice League board, Victory Campaign Board, and 43rd District Democrats. Additionally, he serves as Acting President of the Capitol Hill Community Council and is a member of the NW Two Spirit Society, SPD’s Native American Advisory Council, WA Family Unity Act Workgroup, GSBA’s Public Policy Task Force, Capitol Hill Eco-District’s Equity and Engagement Subcommittee, and Capitol Hill Champion. He was honored to represent the LGBTQ and Native community as 2014 Seattle Pride Parade Grand Marshal. In his spare time, Zachary enjoys freelance writing for local and national publications and catching up on local politics while sipping Porchlight coffee and listening to Nina Simone.
About me: Born in Montana, moved to Spokane (grew up in North Spokane), attended college in Bellingham, and finally returned to the Northwest after traveling with Peace Corps and other opportunities and have called Seattle home for almost 4 years.
Connection to Captiol Hill: Live near First AME, volunteer with a few organizations, and thoroughly enjoy Oddfellows gluten-free biscuits and the Broadway Farmer’s Market!
What I hope to see/work on for 2016-2017: I hope to continue working on fundraising, seeking out grants, increasing participation, identifying partnerships and collaboration opportunities, and producing meaningful events that connects people!

Natalie Curtis [running for VP]
Why I want to run: Current Secretary – to help bring the community closer together while still embracing change. Bring more diversity, cultural awareness, and inclusion to the Hill/Seattle wide.
Brief resume: Currently pursing Masters in Non-Profit Leadership at Seattle U. Community Impact Advisor for HERE Seattle. B.A in Rehabilitation Studies. Microsoft 2012-2014 Swedish/Providence Hospital- 2014-present
About me: Moved from Texas to Seattle 5 years, wanted to give back and be involved in the community I lived and worked in.
Connection to Capitol Hill: Lives on Broadway, works at Swedish/Providence, and enjoy EVERYTHING on the Hill!
What I hope to see/work on for 2016-2017: Hope to see more diverse and affordable housing for all.Be apart of and advocate for positive changes in the community that still preserve the historic

OPEN [running for Treasurer]
Info coming soon.

OPEN  [running for Secretary]

Info coming soon.

OPEN [running for At-Large member]

Info coming soon.

OPEN [running for At-Large member]
Info coming soon.

OPEN [running for At-Large member]

Info coming soon.

March 19, 2015 Meeting Agenda


Capitol Hill Community Council

March 19, 2015

6:30     Welcome: people can add suggestions (updates, announcements, etc) to the “Parking Lot” – and Old Business (Letter for Andrew Haas)

6:35    Jesse Perrin, CHCC Programs Committee – NEW CHCC Service Opportunity

6:45     SDOT – Streetcar Extension Update

7:00     Council member Mike Archambault, Seattle Greenways Update

7:10    Elliot Helmbrecht, April 28 Special Election

7:20    Alex Brennan, “Only in Seattle” update

7:35     Sound Transit Developer discussion

7:50     Capitol Hill Champion updates, Streetcar Launch updates, and New Business (Bring ideas!)

January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council

January 15, 2015 Meeting Notes

  • Winter Open House Recap
    • Top neighborhood issues among attendees were:
      • Historic Preservation
      • Housing / Affordability
      • Transportation / Pedestrian Improvement
      • Race and Social Justice
  • Pike Pine Urban Neighborhood Council (PPUNC) presentation by John Feit
    • PPUNC has been successful guiding developers to positive outcomes.
    • Encouraged people to get involved and show up to design review board meetings.
    • Attendees were interested in a workshop with PPUNC to learn how to be an effective advocate for neighborhood development solutions.
  • Champion Update: Zachary Pullin
    • Developer selection coming soon.
    • Once chosen – there will be a community open house that we will advertise.
  • Streetcar Launch Committee Update
    • The streetcar launch has been pushed back to later in the year – likely late summer.
    • When it officially launches there will be a party in each of the neighborhoods that the streetcar runs through, starting in Pioneer Square and ending in Capitol Hill.
  • Homelessness Task Force: Capitol Hill Update
    • Funding has been provided for 15 additional beds on Capitol Hill.
    • The Mayor is supporting a plan for three permanent tent cities in Seattle, locations TBD.
    • Tent cities prompted many questions among attendees – we will attempt to get more information and clarification for the next meeting.
  • Arboretum Guest: Raymond
    • The 520 bridge project will bring many changes to the arboretum.
    • Construction in the arboretum will take place in two phases, one beginning in late-May or early-June.
    • Check out the arboretum website for more construction details and plans.
    • The winter plants are currently in bloom. It’s a good time to take a walk through the arboretum.
  • Introduction of At-Large Candidate: Natalie Curtis
    • Natalie introduced herself to the group and declared her candidacy.
    • Come to our February meeting to vote for Natalie in the open At-Large position.

March Minutes 2014

The March 20, 2014 General meeting took place at the Cal Anderson Park Shelter House at 6:30 PM. 

Tim Durkan from the city announced that there are three finalists out of 10 projects submitted for the neighborhood grants project. The final winning project for our district will receive $90,000. The three finalists are 1) sidewalk repairs along Madison, 2) Crosswalk improvements on Madison  3) Improvements to the intersection at 23rd and Boyer. See our website for more information.
The Sustainable Capitol Hill organization is looking for unharvested fruit trees they can help harvest this summer and fall. The food will be taken to local food banks. To help or to offer your trees for gleaning, contact
The Transit Coalition announces that Prop. 1 will be on the ballot April 22nd and will restore funding to local Metro tranist. To learn more about this propostion see  The measure will raise $130 million per year for both road maintenance and tranist needs.
The Capitol Hill Champion will hold a public meeting in early June to bring the qualifying developers and the community to discuss the light rail station. Volunteers are needed for this meeting. The Cap Hill Community Council will vote in April as to whether or not we will help support this meeting with a donation of $200 that would be used to purchase food from the Farmers Market for the reception.

We have an opening for a Treasurer and that position could be filled at any time in the coming months or at the general election in July.
Zachary Pullin was elected as our new Member at Large by a unanimous vote of the membership present.

The Stunning Seattle Murals project has been reborn, free of legal snares, and is now called The Seattle Murals Project. We had pledged $200 to this project last year when it was Stunning Seattle Murals but did not give the funds due to the various legal troubles it was having. At this meeting we voted to honor our $200 pledge to this project, which will bring 5 new murals to various Capitol Hill locations.  More info at

Don Harper and Carol Fisher from the Save our Parks group came to speak against the city’s proposed Metroplitan Parks District. It is possible that this topic will be on our voter ballots in August, put there by the city.

The Mayor has recently sent out this information the parks district initiative:
“What’s a park district? Who will govern the park district? Who will provide oversight on how Parks spends taxpayer dollars? Those questions and more are answered in the FAQ onour Seattle Parks Legacy Funding webpage.  “
Amended by laws for the following articles. Changes in bold.

Article IV: final line–

“These boundaries are inclusive of both sides of any street listed as a boundary”

Article V:
“A meeting schedule for the CHCC shall be established by the current CHCC Elected Officers. The Secretary shall take steps to ensure that the community receives notices of forthcoming meetings. Meeting dates will be listed at least once in community-based media such as Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, The Capitol Hill times, Facebook and Twitter, posted electronically via email, the CHCC blog, and posted in public places as applicable such as the Capitol Hill Branch of the Seattle Public Library and local print media if available at no charge.”

Article V sec. 8:

“To ensure that Council meetings run smoothly, items for the next meeting should be received by any member of the Executive Committee by the first Monday of the month.”
Strike last line: Agenda cannot be altered once the meeting has commenced.

Meeting adjourned

General Meeting Minutes 2/21/13

Capitol Hill Community Council

General Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2013

Meeting started 6:33


Capitol Hill Champion Project Updates and Election of Reps from CHCC

  • Questions and Discussion re: Transparency, Protocols, and Scope of the Champion Project
  • Cathy Hillenbrand – Champion addresses ONLY the Sound Transit site
  • Introductions, questions, and voting on Lisa Kothari and John Akamatsu as CHCC reps to the Capitol Hill Champion
  •     Intros by Lisa and John
  •     Questions
  •     Vote
  • John      81yes.    44no
  • Lisa.      86 yes.    45no

John and Lisa approved as CHCC reps to the Capitol Hill Champion

Micro housing Update

  •  A small group met with City Council staff
  • Jeffrey Cook and Michele Gomes are the point people
  • City Council wanted to know concerns and impact
  • (So-called apodments are being built at a rapid pace without normal protocols because a building with in fact 64 residents with individual rental agreements can be built calling itself an 8 unit building)
  • Some issues: no neighborhood notification, no chance for engagement with the developer, no potential for design review, etc.)
  • The City Council is listening, but no direct action as of yet, such as amending and cleaning up building/zoning/construction guidelines and classifications, or no building moratorium until such loopholes is fixed.
  • Further meetings with City Council will be posted on the CHCC website

Treasurers Report

  • We need a new web host very soon.
  • Voted on whether to spend approx.$14 per month on web hosting
  • Vote passed. Yes on expenditure for web hosting.

A reminder that CHCC will continue to use public space for meetings, and will not be renting space.

By-laws Review Committee Update

  • (We are required to do this every three years and are overdue.)
  • -So far have found some grammatical and language errors.
  • -Need to discuss whether to modify our boundaries (so as to not include Montlake)
  • -Need to discuss whether to increase the quorum needed to do business from only four to something higher, perhaps twelve.
  • -More work to be done. When we get closer, it will be presented at one or more meetings, and then after all discussion and further modifications, a vote will occur at the following meeting – a 2/3rd majority is needed to pass.


  • Twelfth Avenue Arts Complex groundbreaking took place today
  • We are considering having an Arts Forum at Capitol Hill Community Council where artists and arts organizations can come present what they are up to on the Hill.
  •  Related to this, there may be a Cultural Overlay District possible for Capitol Hill, contact Nick Licata’s office for more information.
  •  Art Blitz is coming, stay tuned
  •  To apply for inclusion of your art project in the Broadway Windows Project, send in proposals by March 14

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Presentation and Discussion

Planning Commission representatives Kevin McDonald and Katie Sheehy

  • Amending comprehensive plan is the goal.
  • Moving policy ideas re: TOD forward into Comprehensive Plan
  • Meld development, planning, and transit “nodes’.
  • Both stated the Comprehensive Plan needs some “modest” changes in order to further the TOD agenda.
  • Want to look at walking distance and walking time to transit nodes.
  • Intend to provide a framework for further development.
  • Supporting dense, mixed use policies and make sure this happens in other neighborhoods.
  • What are components of liveability?  Stay tuned, much neighborhood input will be needed here.
  •  Question: Will this eventually include a push to significantly upzone a large part of Capitol Hill, and/or also change this same large section to Neighborhood Commercial?

Adjourned 8:15

Meeting minutes of January 17, 2013

Here are the minutes from the last general meeting,  January 17, 2013 (Reposted from the Home page on the News page 1/30/2013)

Capitol Hill Community Council

General meeting minutes

January 17, 2013

Meeting started at 6:38 p.m.

Old Business

Capitol Hill Champion update

City and Sound Transit are working out details towards a development agreement (what gets built on top of the Broadway light rail station area) this goes to City Council mid March.

The community can then raise such questions as these;

How will the plaza be developed? what kind of retail will go in?

There is grant money available for outreach to under-represented communities to be brought more fully into this process.

More info:

Report from EASTPAC meeting (East Precinct Advisory Committee)

(Safety issues)

There was a recent assault near Kubota Park

Is crime on the rise on the Hill? Possibly.

Officers will be invited to present at a forthcoming CHCC meeting

The Police also offer “Evening Chats”, where a minimum of 10 people in a neighborhood invites officers to a home or church (etc.) to answer questions.

Streetcar Update

The City of Seattle appointed an exploratory committee to look into extending the streetcar further north, perhaps to Roy or Prospect.

There is funding for study, but not for construction at this time.

More info:

Sound Transit/ Broadway Station Update

Construction is at a point where there is a change in contractors, from tunnel digging to initial station work and systems.

(Tunnels are being finished up)

Systems contractors coming on site, as are station contractors.

Expect to see a lot of concrete trucks.

Microhousing update

Neighbors met with City Council staff today (January 17)

Discussion was around about the micro-housing moratorium resolution, and the loopholes which allow this type of construction without normal design review triggers.

(In other cities, microhousing is subject to periodic review, but not Seattle.)

The City doesn’t have accurate info right now; they were surprised to hear that there are close to 2000 new units on the hill from microhousing alone in a fairly short period of time.

FYI’s were provided:

Apodment rents range from 600 to 1200 a month.

Only 20% have to be “affordable”

Tax exemption may be removed

San Francisco pilot program may be worth looking at, also New York and Chicago. These cities are, unlike Seattle, exploring micro-housing intentionally and within their current zoning parameters.

Treasurer report

35 dollars donated, hurray!

East District Meeting

There were 7 applicants for Bridging the Gap Funds, which look at

pedestrian and HC access issues and street improvements. One was accepted.


Feb. 4 is the next deadline for streets and parks improvements monies for each district.


New Business

CHCC needs to form a “bylaw committee” to meet the ‘every-three-year’ review obligation.

John Akamatsu, Dennis Saxman, and Erie Jones are forming this.

Any changes will be subject to general membership review and approval.

Possible fundraiser and/or educational/informational project

Produce a Capitol Hill “Natural History” map, maybe with linked audio files,

depicting historical, architectural, cultural, and landscape information.

“We save what we love, we love what we know”.


Chris Leman

Pres. East Community Council

1) Effort to link Eastlake and Cap Hill more, as it was before I-5 separated the two neighborhoods.

2) Columnade Park, may be looking to expand


Lake View Blvd. historically was main north south route prior to I 5

Requesting missing sidewalk between public stairways Howell and Blaine

Not currently funded

Looking for support from Capitol Hill Community Council to find other funding

We value links between Cap Hill and Eastlake

New Gay Community Center

LGBT community center on Cap Hill

(We are one of the few major cities that doesn’t have one, and Seattle ranks 2nd only to San Francisco in per capita gay citizens)

To go at Broadway light rail station site

Looking to partner with other groups

Encompassing a wide variety of organizations

With various LGBT stakeholders (40)

Looking at site A

2nd and 3rd floors perhaps

Self-sustaining financially 

Redistricting the city for council member elections

This would be a hybrid system with 7 geographical seats and 2 at-large seats

Council member would have to live in the district they represent

Ramping up campaign with petition drive

Need 30,000 signatures but are targeting 50,000 signatures

Wide, diverse coalition supporting this, very grassroots

Web info:


Drone resolution

Seattle Police Dept. is expecting to take delivery of (initially) 2 drones (un-manned aircraft)

Resolution asks that we

Return drones to Homeland Security and not use them

Capitol Hill Community Council voted to table this until the next general meeting in order that Seattle Police could have an opportunity to answer questions, so the voter is fully informed.

The (slightly revised) Resolution will be posted on the CHCC website

Adjourned 8:35



Safe Communities Conversation Meeting Minutes, 11/8

Lisa Kothari, Member at Large, attended the Safe Communities Conversation Meeting that took place for the EastPAC District on November 8th at the Miller Community Center. The following are her notes. 

The meeting was a large gathering of concerned community members and police sitting down in small groups to discuss several important topics, including:

  1. Develop and prioritize our concerns for public safety
  2. Share our thoughts about police and community relations
  3. Offer ideas on enhancing community engagement
  4. Select a delegate to carry concerns to an action meeting

I sat in on one table discussion and below are the answers to the questions that were posed to this small group.

What is your top concern about crime and public safety?

  • Sex offenders living in the neighborhood
  • Open drug dealing
  • Guns and youth
  • 12th Avenue: stop signs and crosswalks
  • Dogs off lead in parks
  • I-5 Encampments
  • NW Corner of Cal Anderson Park

Out of these topics, our group was most concerned about:

  • Guns, drug dealing, encampments

What is going well with the relationship between your community and SPD?

  • Twitter feed program
  • Cops on Bikes
  • Hot Spot Program

What do you think is a way for the community and SPD to work together to make the community safer?

Opportunity to meet your local officers. The Living Room Conversation program was brought up, where your local officers come into your home and host an informal discussion about your neighborhood and community concerns for about 15 of your neighbors. (I thought this would be an excellent  opportunity to have one at an upcoming CHCC meeting in 2012.)

Other Ideas:

  • Bring back crime prevention officers
  • Handling noise concerns
  • School resource officers
  • More visibility of police on Pike/Pine and in Belltown
  • Better response time

What steps can we take to keep you engaged in building and creating a safer community?

City appreciation for active community members who are working with SPD on a regular basis

People were then asked to volunteer to be a delegate for the next step in this process. The delegate will take the table’s concerns forward to a Precinct Summit where they will buold an action plan based on information we gather tonight and in other places in our precinct.

I volunteered to be a delegate and this next step will take place in March 2013.

The next EastPAC meeting is on Thursday, December 6th. We are having a meeting/holiday potluck at the Garfield Community Center beginning at 6:30. Please feel free to join us.