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Oct 25, 2012 Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council general meeting

Oct 25, 2012 Minutes

Call to order 6:01

Reviewed procedures for meetings


Old business

1) Champion Update

(Light rail station and site development on Broadway)

(go to or DPD Cap Hill or Sound Transit Cap Hill for more info)

More public comment opportunities are coming

Web site has current public comments

One known detail: Denny will be a “festival street”

FYI: Capitol Hill Community Council and Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce are partners in Champion committee


2) East District Council (CHCC is part of this “regional” council)

Helps rank applications for city money, among other things

Can apply for at least a $100,000 project;  pedestrian, safety, transportation issues, walk ability, etc.


3) 12th Ave. Safety Update

New curb bulb 12th and Harrison will begin

Crosswalk at Howell also will begin

Contact Mike Kent for more information


4) Logo contest for Capitol Hill Community Council

Searching out artists

Small prizes available (entertainment)

Timeline; over the next two months


5) Micro Housing Resolution


Motion to change language was voted down

Passed 40 to 4   (4 abstain)

Work group, and other neighborhood groups will continue working on this

To be sent immediately to City Council and cc’d to DPD

See following

Dear Council Member Burgess~

On Thursday night, October 25th 2012, the Capitol Hill Community Council voted to approve the following resolution, in its entirety, with an overwhelming majority of 40 votes in favor. This resolution addresses current loopholes within DPD regulations/laws/rules/language which favor developers of micro-housing units (such as “Apodments”), allowing them to build without being subjected to review processes, over those developers building traditional apartments which have the same number of units and must undergo design and SEPA review processes. It cannot be emphasized enough that this resolution is not against micro-housing (or their inhabitants); we recognize that micro-housing can have an important part to play in the future development of Capitol Hill. This resolution requests that review processes for developments that contains multiple residential units, and are rented as individual apartments, be subjected to the same design and SEPA review standards. This lack of consistency in the application of the design and environmental review has been at the forefront of the two most recent Capitol Hill Community Council meetings, and is considered to be of major importance to Capitol Hill inhabitants, including owners, renters, and employees. We request that as a City Council Member, you review the following resolution, and aid our situation by adopting a moratorium on current and future micro-housing development until the Seattle Municipal Code can be updated to prevent these developments from taking unfair advantage of the loopholes. The Capitol Hill Community Council has formed a sub-committee to address this issue. Committee members, as well as members of a neighborhood group focusing on micro-housing development, are available to meet with members of council and to discuss this resolution in more detail. We thank you for your attention to this pressing matter, and any help you can provide. With the numbers of micro-housing units numbering over a dozen in our neighborhood, and the number of new units well into the mid-three hundreds, you may understand why residents are growing anxious.


George Bakan, President CHCC
Jeffrey Cook, Member at Large CHCC
Michele Gomes, Member at Large CHCC
In 1993, the City and the Neighborhoods jointly created a Design Review Process
and Design Guidelines to ensure that new construction fit into the existing
neighborhood context;
The Neighborhoods agreed to certain growth targets with the understanding that
neighborhood context would be protected, and that Neighborhoods would be
able to meaningfully participate in the planning and development of their
Many years ago, the State of Washington and the City of Seattle enacted
environmental protection laws and regulations that required the review of new
construction for a range of environmental impacts;
The City has repeatedly granted exemptions and raised thresholds for the
application of Design and SEPA Review, such that an increasing number of
buildings are being constructed with undefined environmental impacts, and in a
style which clearly violates the existing neighborhood context;
The City has set growth targets under the Growth Management Act, which it is
required to honor;
The Capitol Hill Neighborhood has seen new construction that will result in the
neighborhood exceeding the previously defined growth and density targets. As of
July 2012, Capitol Hill has met 92% of its growth target for 2004-2024, and
when additional 380 permitted units are built, it will meet 130% of its growth
target for the same period;
A new type of construction referred to as apodments or micro housing,
concentrated in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood, has proceeded under ordinary
construction permitting procedures, exempt from Design Review, SEPA Review
and Design Guidelines, and resulting in an increased density not previously
established in Seattle’s Land Use Code;
The pace and nature of development of apodments in the Capitol Hill
Neighborhood, as well as other neighborhoods around the City, deeply concerns
the neighborhood, for the reasons stated above;
The development of apodments has been enabled by a DPD interpretation,
Director’s Rule 7-83, of the meaning of the phrase “dwelling unit”;
Be it resolved:
We ask that the Seattle City Council, using its authority to establish interim
measures under the Washington State Constitution Article 11, Section 11
and the Growth Management Act, Chapter 36.70A, to declare that an
emergency exists, and to declare a moratorium on the approval and
construction of any more apodments or micro housing in the Capitol Hill
Neighborhood, or anywhere else in the City, until such time as the City
Council can further clarify the meaning of “dwelling unit”, and stop its
application to the development of apodments, a type of construction it was
never meant to address, and to make the development of apodments
subject to Design and SEPA Reviews.



6) Treasurers Report

Funds now in BECU and out of Bank of America

There was a suggestion that regular members might want to make a small ($35) donation each year – if so, people could mail to the Capitol Hill Community Council mailbox

Current balance around $1900.00

Eventually hope to release a budget tied to specific committee work


New Business


1) Information and requesting support for pedestrian and bike “amenities’ as 520 goes through some rebuilding

520 improvements and proposed resolution of support for bike and pedestrian infrastructure such as curb bulbs, green ways for walking and biking.

Montlake supports it, Madison Park supports it, can we add Cap Hill

Vote to support resolution?

Passed 24 ,  1 abstain



This is a subsidiary of Daimler, similar to zip car (but can park anywhere)

Would like to present and answer questions at upcoming meeting of CHCC


3) Committees; some options – is there interest?

-Design forum, bring in designers of all sorts. They can talk about their products. Less adversarial than design revue. Maybe put together a guide book for cap hill architecture, and design considerations with specific examples, particularly residential. Do in advance of design revues, more collaborative. Voice earlier in the process re: massing, setback, open space, green space, amenities, etc.


4) Other committee options

  • -Fundraising  (also, applying for city funds)
  • -Community building, parties, activities
  • -Public art
  • -Pedestrian issues, pavement evenness, benches, good sidewalks, universal access,

Will put possible committees on web site and interested folks can contact CHCC


 Denny substation

Transmission lines; new ones are needed across Cap Hill

Current alternatives are;

  1. overhead
  2. underground

Input needed by Nov. 6

By unanimous vote, it was decided to write a letter in opposition to overhead lines

( for more info)


 South Lake Union Issues

There will be a public hearing November on the proposed rezone of South Lake Union to allow taller structures

South Lake Union residents will be making a presentation at the Nov. meeting of CHCC


There will be a Fire Station 25 Open House Oct. 28, 2 to 4 pm


Next meeting of CHCC will be November 15 , 6 to 8 pm at Cal Anderson Park shelter house

Adjourned 8:00

September 2012 General Meeting Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council

Minutes from September 20th General Meeting

Meeting started 6:00 pm

Updates/Old Business

1) Update on Champion project (development on and around Broadway Station) – There is a presentation and meeting on September 24th at Lowell School; presented by Sound Transit and Seattle City staff, starting at 6:00 pm, to go over current plans and options.  This then goes to the City Council in November, most likely.

Go to, light rail project, for more info.

 2)  Melrose Promenade update (community open space along Melrose Avenue overlooking I5 and Seattle skyline)

There have been four community cleanups to date. An application has been submitted for funding from the Parks Dept. (opportunity fund for development), a possible $20,000 from the city. There will be three public meetings this fall and winter re: amenities and other planning.

The project is looking for engagement and meeting attendance.

Next cleanup is scheduled for the 2nd Sunday in October.


3) Capitol Hill Housing reported on the project at 12th and Pine. There will be affordable housing, a performing arts center, and below level parking for the East Precinct Police Station. Currently three theatre groups are lined up to use the arts center.

Eco district news; This is long term project, mostly in multi-family zoned Capitol Hill, to see how energy efficiency can be improved, how run-off/pollution issues can be handled better, and other sustainability issues. Some questions: will single-family areas be added?  How will the overall project be governed/overseen?

For more info:

4) Treasurer report

We are working on withdrawing funds from Bank of America and putting funds in a credit union, (BECU).

Currently have access to funds via debit card

Current balance approx.$1,800.

Reminder, CHCC is not a non-profit.  Fund raising ideas will be addressed in coming meetings.

New Business

 1) Safety Issues

There is more police presence in Cal Anderson Park. Feel free to talk with them. It is important to let the East Precinct know, either by non-emergency calls, or 911 calls, what is going on.

There will be an East Precinct Advisory Committee meeting next Thursday Sept. 27 at 6:30 at Seattle University to get community input and answer questions.

2) Logo contest – We are looking for a great, new logo for the CHCC.

3) ”Micro-housing” issues.

Presentation by Reasonable Density Seattle (

Animated discussion. One major common concern is that there are ambiguous elements in Seattle’s zoning regulations which allow high density “micro-housing” to be permitted and built without being subject to the same neighborhood notification, design review, and SEPA review that other projects are subject to.

A working resolution was passed to ask the appropriate city entities to re-examine and possibly fix this. A committee will work on it, target the message, focus it, and re-present to CHCC for a thumbs up or down before it goes further. Stay tuned.

3) Streetcar art project

Doing artwork that is integrated with the streetcar

From pioneer square to Broadway

Theme is single wire as a thread through the neighborhoods/ fabric of the city, quilted “fabric” beneath crosswalks.

Sewing, needles, beads, art poles, same poles that support the overhead electrical trolleys.

Reflects architecture and character of each neighborhood it passes through.

4) Presentation on “QR Code” (similar to bar coding)

This could help create a database with community concerns and input.

Businesses, parks, geographic centers etc. could generate a QR code.

People could add input via a smart phone.

For more info. –





Meeting adjourned at 8:15

EEJ 9/22/12

August Council Meeting Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council
July General Meeting Minutes
Cal Anderson Shelter House, Cal Anderson Park
7-9pm on August 19, 2010

James Keblas, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Film and Music discusses the Mayor’s Nightlife Initiative with the Council.  Please give your feedback on the initiative by completing this short survey.

Cathy Hillenbrand (Cap Hill Resident) updates the council on the Transit Oriented Development Champions committee work.

Officer introduction and Welcome 

Open Floor

Michael Wells announced Mobile City events, kicks off on Thursday 8/26 at the parking lot of the Bank of America on Broadway.

The Melrose Street festival will be on Sunday September 12th, 2010.

Rhonda Dixon announced that excavation is now 20% complete. There will be another artist call before the end of the year. Rhonda will also be checking on the status of the cross walk by 10th and John. She will also be getting more posters and she hopes the surrounding businesses will put more up to create awareness.

Committee Reports

Community Engagement (George)
George praised Capitol Hill Housing’s, 12th Avenue Initiative’s Street Fair/Food Festival. It was a good crowd and lots of vendors attended. It was very successful and we need more events like this.

Capitol Hill history project will launch next month.

Norma mentioned City Club’s 2010 Community Matter Campaign, Community Dialogues regarding Public Trust.

Open Space (Jen)
The Clenscape grants received three applications. Two of which are playground projects and one is a tree planting project.

There was a public meeting at the par at Federal and Republican. There were about 30 people who attended the meeting to discuss the process and to find out more about getting a grant for the planning process.

Transportation and Land Use (Cathy Hillenbrand)
Champions update by Cathy. Walking with Larry Phillips on Friday 8/27/10.
Cathy also explained what an urban design framework means. It’s putting a working group together to get the specificity of the design, which also includes how to implement it. This is to ensure that project is vetted and thoroughly discussed. This is where we implement and specify the vision, so as to make sure that a really great project is built.

Fundraising (Sean)
Sean is working on getting more information on the Neighborhood Matching Grant and will be meeting with the person about the grant. The topic of next month’s meeting is Neighborhood Matching Grants and Urban Design Framework.

Discussion Topic
Presentation and Discussion on the Mayor’s Nightlife Initiative with: James Keblas (Mayor’s Office of Film and Music) and Ainsley Close (Mayor’s Office)

Suggestions for Next Meeting Agenda
Topics: Neighborhood Matching Grants & Urban Design Framework

Housekeeping items
Cathy and Josephine will be working on effective public outreach.

June and July minutes were approved.


June Council Meeting Minutes

Capitol Hill Community Council

Annual Officer Election 

Cal Anderson Shelter House, Cal Anderson Park 

7-9pm on June 17, 2010


**Voting Open From 7-8:50pm**


Officer Introductions & Welcome


Open Floor

Rhonda Dixon: ST Update

–        excavation of site (vs. tunnel boring) to begin in July.

–        ST undertaking pedestrian safety awareness campaign.

–        Includes painting of sidewalk w/ warnings along Broadway & truck route.

–        Launching – a directory of information, places & events on CH.

Mike Kent: Neighborhood Events Update

-        6/23: PPUNC party – 5:30-8pm @ Ragen & Assoc; food & drink available for purchase.

-        7/7: Forum – 6:30pm Pike/Pine Cons. Overlay District @ SU’s A & A building.

Zef Wagner: SDOT/Streetcar Update

-        6/22: KC Metro Electric Trolley Bus Open House – 5-7pm @ SDOT (1217 6th Ave, DT).

-        6/26: CH Streetcar Open House: 11-1pm @ 1st Baptist Church + booth @ Pride Festival.

Explanation of How Election Will Proceed

Candidate Statements & Questions (In Order Introduced)

Norma Straw

Mike Kent

Josephine Wong

Sean Coury

George Bakan

Zef Wagner

Jen Power

Nomination of Mike Kent as 3rd CHCC Representative to TOD Champion

Approved via majority w/ none opposed & 3 abstentions.

Year-End Recognition of Contributions

**Introduction of New Officers ** (33 ballots cast)

President: Norma Jean Straw

Vice-President: Mike Kent

Secretary: Josephine Wong

Treasurer: Sean Coury

At-Large Officer: George Bakan

At-Large Officer:  Jen Power

At-Large Officer: Zef Wagner