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Sound Transit releases the RFP for Capitol Hill Light Rail properties

Sound Transit released the Request for Proposals (RFP) yesterday. Inexplicably buried within a “closed” document (perhaps for the RFQ), the proposal lists the requirements for each property. Here are the general documents:

  1.  RP 0010-14 Capitol Hill TOD Request For Proposals
  2. RP 0010-14 Housing Tool All Sites
  3. Attachment B Sound Transit Timeline
  4. Attachment D Technical Documents

Here are Exhibit A Reference Documents

  1. Urban Design Framework
  2. Urban Design Framework cover letter
  3. Sound Transit Tunnel Easements
  4. Development Agreement and Coordinated Development Plan
  5. LBA-Capitol Hill Station Survey

Here are the lot specific documents:

  1. SITE C – Retail Approach
  2. SITE C – Parking Approach
  3. SITE C – Housing Approach
  4. SITE C – Green Factor and Sustainability Approach
  5. SITE C – Development Program
  6. SITE C – Community Center Approach
  7. SITE C – Amenity Areas
  8. SITE B SOUTH – Parking Approach
  9. SITE B SOUTH – Housing Approach
  10. SITE B SOUTH – Green Factor and Sustainability Approac
  11. SITE B SOUTH – Development Program
  12. SITE B SOUTH – Amenity Areas
  13. SITE B NORTH – Parking Approach
  14. SITE B NORTH – Housing Approach
  15. SITE B NORTH – Green Factor and Sustainability Approac
  16. SITE B NORTH – Development Program
  17. SITE B NORTH – Community Center Approach
  18. SITE B NORTH – Amenity Areas
  19. SITE A – Retail Approach SITE A – Parking Approach
  20. SITE A – Housing Approach
  21. SITE A – Green Factor and Sustainability Approach
  22. SITE A – Development Program Scoring
  23. SITE A – Community Center Approach
  24. SITE A – Amenity Areas



8 developers chosen to submit bids for Cap Hill station developments

CHS reported this morning that

Sound Transit has selected eight firms to submit bids to develop four housing and retail properties that will surround the future Capitol Hill light rail station.

The shortlisted firms will also sit down with the Capitol Hill Championgroup at a June 2nd public meeting to make sure they understand and adopt the community priorities forged over several years.

Read who made it and more here.


General Meeting 5/22/14, 6:30; focus on Development

Capitol Hill Community Council
General Meeting
Cal Anderson Shelterhouse
May 22, 2014, 6:30

6:30 Welcome and announcements:
CAPA yard sale

6:35 CH Champion update John Akamatsu and Cathy Hillenbrand 5 min
Upcoming June community meeting
6:40 Streetcar Extension Update (Emily Mannetti) 10 min Where the project stands, upcoming open house, and opening dialogue with community
6:50 Committee Report:
· Safety Summary

7:00 By-laws: John and Erie 10 disc (to be discussed one more time in June, and voted on during the July meeting).
· Resolution

· Revising quorum
7:10 City Light and City Construction Hub team 25 min

7:35 Mike Podowski, DPD 40 min
· update on zoning heights and microhousing legislation

8:10 Brady Walkinshaw, Representative of 43rd Legislative District 10 minutes

8:30 Adjourn

John Akamatsu, Vice President

Champion to Hold Developer and Community Meeting

Save the date!  Meet the Developers June 2nd

Let developers know that you support community priorities at the Capitol Hill Station TOD sites.  Attend a Community Meeting with short-listed bidders on June 2nd from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at the SCC Broadway Performance Hall (corner of Pine and Broadway).  Bring your questions!  Refreshments will be provided by the Broadway Farmer’s Market.  Keep Capitol Hill’s voice strong!