Capitol Hill Champion


The official site of the Champion is as of 5/5/2013.

Station area map

Sound Transit is currently constructing a tunnel for Light Rail that will link Downtown Seattle to the University District with an underground Capitol Hill station on Broadway between E. Denny Way and E. John Street. This station is set to open in September 2016. In 2015, the surrounding land near this station that has been used for construction staging will be ready for redevelopment.

The Capitol Hill Champion is a joint venture of the Capitol Hill Community Council and the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce (see charter). This group is working with Sound Transit, the City of Seattle, and other local groups to inform the uses, design, and function of the transit-oriented development (TOD) sites that will surround the future Broadway light rail station. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of the Broadway retail district, create community-oriented public spaces around the station, and set the stage for high-quality architecture and urban development that can be a model for other TOD sites in the city.

Background Information

After a community charrette in September 2009, the following community priorities were identified for the TOD sites:

– Development Projects of the Highest Quality
– A Permanent Home for the Farmers Market
– Affordable Housing and Business Space
– A Cultural Center and Community Spaces
– A Gateway and Neighborhood Way-finding
– Environmentally Responsible Building Practices
– Selective Additional Height
– Low Ratio Parking

For more on these priorities and how the Capitol Hill Champion group is working with the community, Sound Transit, and the City of Seattle to help ensure that these priorities are implemented, please see the Champion site.


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