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General Meeting Minutes 2/21/13

Capitol Hill Community Council

General Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2013

Meeting started 6:33


Capitol Hill Champion Project Updates and Election of Reps from CHCC

  • Questions and Discussion re: Transparency, Protocols, and Scope of the Champion Project
  • Cathy Hillenbrand – Champion addresses ONLY the Sound Transit site
  • Introductions, questions, and voting on Lisa Kothari and John Akamatsu as CHCC reps to the Capitol Hill Champion
  •     Intros by Lisa and John
  •     Questions
  •     Vote
  • John      81yes.    44no
  • Lisa.      86 yes.    45no

John and Lisa approved as CHCC reps to the Capitol Hill Champion

Micro housing Update

  •  A small group met with City Council staff
  • Jeffrey Cook and Michele Gomes are the point people
  • City Council wanted to know concerns and impact
  • (So-called apodments are being built at a rapid pace without normal protocols because a building with in fact 64 residents with individual rental agreements can be built calling itself an 8 unit building)
  • Some issues: no neighborhood notification, no chance for engagement with the developer, no potential for design review, etc.)
  • The City Council is listening, but no direct action as of yet, such as amending and cleaning up building/zoning/construction guidelines and classifications, or no building moratorium until such loopholes is fixed.
  • Further meetings with City Council will be posted on the CHCC website

Treasurers Report

  • We need a new web host very soon.
  • Voted on whether to spend approx.$14 per month on web hosting
  • Vote passed. Yes on expenditure for web hosting.

A reminder that CHCC will continue to use public space for meetings, and will not be renting space.

By-laws Review Committee Update

  • (We are required to do this every three years and are overdue.)
  • -So far have found some grammatical and language errors.
  • -Need to discuss whether to modify our boundaries (so as to not include Montlake)
  • -Need to discuss whether to increase the quorum needed to do business from only four to something higher, perhaps twelve.
  • -More work to be done. When we get closer, it will be presented at one or more meetings, and then after all discussion and further modifications, a vote will occur at the following meeting – a 2/3rd majority is needed to pass.


  • Twelfth Avenue Arts Complex groundbreaking took place today
  • We are considering having an Arts Forum at Capitol Hill Community Council where artists and arts organizations can come present what they are up to on the Hill.
  •  Related to this, there may be a Cultural Overlay District possible for Capitol Hill, contact Nick Licata’s office for more information.
  •  Art Blitz is coming, stay tuned
  •  To apply for inclusion of your art project in the Broadway Windows Project, send in proposals by March 14

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Presentation and Discussion

Planning Commission representatives Kevin McDonald and Katie Sheehy

  • Amending comprehensive plan is the goal.
  • Moving policy ideas re: TOD forward into Comprehensive Plan
  • Meld development, planning, and transit “nodes’.
  • Both stated the Comprehensive Plan needs some “modest” changes in order to further the TOD agenda.
  • Want to look at walking distance and walking time to transit nodes.
  • Intend to provide a framework for further development.
  • Supporting dense, mixed use policies and make sure this happens in other neighborhoods.
  • What are components of liveability?  Stay tuned, much neighborhood input will be needed here.
  •  Question: Will this eventually include a push to significantly upzone a large part of Capitol Hill, and/or also change this same large section to Neighborhood Commercial?


Adjourned 8:15